How Web Design Trends Change With the Advent Of iPad?


The iPad is a revolutionary device that has changed the way of computing. It has gained tremendous popularity all over the world due to its easy portability and high tech features. An iPad refers to a line of tablet computers designed to be used as platforms for audio-visual media including periodicals, movies, books, games, music, and web content. The iPad provides a more intimate way to interact as it can be carried from one place to another without the restriction of sitting in front of a system as in the conventional PCs. You can most commonly see people with iPads in their hands in public transport systems like metro trains and in restaurants, parks and other places.


The advent of iPad has brought some notable changes in web designing as well. It has led to designers rethinking about their designing tactics, keeping in mind the possibility of a rise in its popularity all the more in the near future. The Web Designers are now concerned about creating a design that is compatible with the iPad. Many prominent websites have already created iPad friendly designs. For instance, Twitter has incorporated additional in-line links and media support compatible with the iPad. With the iPad more columns can be displayed and their sizes adjusted. Even the New York Times has created an iPad friendly version of its opinion page where the columns can be easily selected using finger and stories are organized in grids to make it easier for the user access.


Designers should keep in mind the following features of iPad while creating the Web Design:

  • Navigation in an iPad is done through fingers. The hover effects that are only suited to pointer based devices are useless for iPads
  • iPads have two kinds of modes viz. the Landscape and Portrait mode, so a website needs to be designed in two different layouts and developed in smart fluid width design.
  • The iPad does not support Flash so if you want your website to contain animations and videos it has to be designed in HTML5
  • iPads can be used at various locations- indoors and outdoors, so the color contrast sometimes creates a hindrance as the iPad’s screen appears glossy and reflects light.


To keep up with the iPad technology, the designers can use JavaScript and CSS in combination. The designers should focus on making the Web Designs interactive rather than complex. The website should be adaptable to multiple platforms like desktop PCs, tablets and other mobile devices as well. These simple steps can help the Web Designers keep up with the changing technologies and incorporate designs that go with the trends.

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