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How to make a Web Design Project Successful

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-07-01

How to make a Web Design Project Successful

There is much more to a website development than merely its attractive designs and multimedia features. Besides designing and technical skills, there are many factors that determine success of a Website Design project. Here is a write-up that throws light on the 7 essential keys useful both for the clients as well as designers, which can result in success of the web project, consequently leading the business on the path of glory.

  • Practical Timeline/Deadlines

It is famously said that the biggest roadblocks in the way of success are lack of time and resources. And when it comes to designing and developing a website, drawing realistic timeliness can surely make the project work. Sometimes, clients draw unrealistic deadlines for the project, which is nearly impossible for the designers to attain. This leads to chaos amongst the designers as well as developers, finally leading to an ordinary website or a one with many loopholes.So, the designers should promise only that time limit in which they can easily complete the project. On the other hand, clients should understand that they ought to give considerable time to the designers as it is the matter of their money and business.

  • Understanding the clients psyche

The website being designed is nothing else but the unique identity of the business of the client. So, websites that are designed should address the specific requirement of the clients. For this, clients should sit with the designers and make them understand their needs and what they actually want as an outcome on the website. While, the designers should try to gather as much information as they can and entail it in the designed website. Therefore, it is mandatory that client gets involved with the project and gives timely feedback to the designers.

  • User friendly website

A website is created with a purpose of making more business, which is only possible if it is able to draw quality web traffic towards itself. And for this, it is important to design a website that is user friendly and efficient to meet the needs of the users.Designers should make it a point to understand what the clients target segment is. This will help them figure out the elements, which they can include in the website. Like if the client deals in fashion accessories, then the designers can use attractive graphics as well as images to appeal to the users; whereas if the client provides freight forwarding services, then the designers are ought to give a simple and less glam look to the website.

  • Implementation of the feedback from client

The main step that can surely make the website project successful is getting feedbacks from the clients. Sometimes, clients don't usually give feedbacks themselves. So, at that time designers should take the initiative and ask questions from the clients like What they like about the website?Is the website designed as per their choice?and many more. By this, designers can get an idea of the flaws and minute mistakes that need to be corrected. This step can finally bring in improvement in the end-product of the client.

  • Testing

A website should be effectively tested and clear the browser testing and usability testing before its launch. This can help designers in figuring out last minute errors or flaws left in the website designing.

Thus, by following the above mentioned steps, both designers as well as clients can have a successful web designing project and thus garner maximum profits out of it.

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