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How To Design An Effective Business Logo

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2012-11-22

How To Design An Effective Business Logo

A Business Logo is synonymous with the brand of the business. The Business Logos of popular brands are easily recognized by the consumers and are immediately associated with the brands they represent. For example, a Ferrari can be easily recognized by its logo, which contains the symbol of a horse. Thus, if The brand is the business, as said by Shelley Lazarus, Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, then the Business Logo is the brand.

Things To Be Considered In A Business Logo Design

  • The most important factor which should be considered while Designing a Business Logo is that the goals, nature and the other vital characteristics and essences should get reflected in the logo. It is essential that the colors, fonts and other characteristics of the Business Logo complement the business.
  • A Business Logo Designer has to work in close co-ordination with the marketing team, as Business Logos are also used to inspire the requisite emotions in the targeted customer base. A business targeting the young audience often uses bright and lively colors while a business making products and services for the older generation uses colors reflecting serenity.
  • While launching the business away from home (especially overseas), the cultural and lingual differences should also be considered. The meaning and the emotions which the Logo was designed to inspire may get distorted due to these barriers, if the necessary changes are not made. Logos using symbols should also beware of the fact that the same shame shape may give rise to connotations of different images. This ambiguity should be carefully analyzed.
  • E-commerce has given rise to the necessity of Business Logos to be internet-compatible. In such cases, the logo matches the internet address of the business.

Since the logo is the identity of the company, changes are usually not desired. However, in cases where lingo-cultural differences affect the meaning of the Logo, changes have to be made. It has also become a trend to make changes to the Logo to signify major changes in the business.

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