How To Design A Web Crawler Friendly Website?


Search engine optimization plays a very important role for the identity of a business and can determine its success or failure. It goes without saying in today’s Internet-era that success can never elude those who can make search engine optimization work for them.


SEO and The Role Of Web Crawlers
The art of making the websites ‘stunning’ in the ‘eyes’ of the Internet’s search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it is a complete makeover of the website done with certain elements that would suit the ‘tone’ of that site. Enticing a search engine’s web crawlers to your site is half the job done. Used constantly by search engines, web crawlers are computer programs which are used to gather data and index information from the websites. The ranking of a webpage is determined by the information the web crawlers gather.


Frames: A Deterrent For Crawlers
If any website has frames, it can obstruct web crawlers like anything as they do not have the capacity of going beyond those frames which means that the web pages remain un-indexed and unranked. But, a search engine like Google has crawlers that are capable of even this. Therefore, before the submission of the website, it is advisable to do some research on the search engines.


Crawler Page
Designing a crawler page is important once the webpage is submitted to a search engine as it is the sitemap to the website. A crawler page is a kind of webpage that contains links to all the pages in a website. The title of each page should be used as the link text which will add some extra keywords. This will help in the improvement of the ranking assigned by the crawlers to the website. Generally, a crawler page is not considered a part of the website and it doesn’t appear in search results, as it does not have enough text for the web crawlers to give a high ranking.


These are just some steps to build up a web crawler friendly website. There is absolutely no need to fret and panic if your website is not instantly indexed by the crawlers. As, there are a lot of websites to be crawled, indexed and ranked, it may take some time before the web crawlers can reach your website but you should always ensure that all the essential elements are there to highlight the website in front of the leading search engines.

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