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High Definition Design: The Upcoming Web Design Trend

Web Design | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2016-07-12

High Definition Design: The Upcoming Web Design Trend

Right from television to phones to computers, the number of high definition display users is daily increasing at a rapid pace. There is no denying that HD displays are more presented today than ever before. And, this prevalence of HD displays is no coincidence and to bring in liveliness, the design is getting coupled with all-new and innovative visual tactics. Brands such as Apple are flaunting its standard Retina display for multiple devices and this is what is acquiring fame constantly.

Although, it is hard to talk about or even track the definite numbers, it is anecdotally known that high definition is gradually becoming a core design deliberation. HD backgrounds are the hottest talk of the town in the world of web designing. The hot question of today is not that if the HD web design will dominate the web, but rather the question is when high-resolution screens become extensive enough to dictate the enhanced visual designs.

Let's have a deeper look at it:

The Background Graphics Vector versus Raster

  • Right from the very first day of designing websites, all the designers hoarded images to the size of 72 pixels per inch inclusive of everything from graphic elements to photos. This compressed size enhanced the loading times whilst offering sufficient resolution to render agreeably Raster formats namely, gif, png, and jpg were usually accepted.
  • Nevertheless, with the high definition web design, we need to reconsider and make use of vector formats. And, this is the time when the Scalable Vector Format or SVG step in. Alike other vector graphic formats, in spite of pixels, the SVG graphics make use of associated lines and points in order to make images. This is how which the image can be scaled to any extent without dropping the quality. This boils down to vector versus raster!

The Use Of HD Images

  • To describe the HD background images, the most appropriate words that come to my mind are over-sized, hero and full-screen. Nowadays, the web designers are not only pondering about high-definition but with the backgrounds lodging the entire screen, they are in a sense taking HD to the great heights.
  • Plus, with the HD screen resolution, the users are given a flawless opportunity now able to take a look at the image with a greater level of detail, which was not the case earlier. There are a number of websites that is expected to visually polish the interface making use of minute image details to the changing hues. This will eventually give an amazing first impression of the website on the users.

High Definition Videos Backgrounds Are Right Here!

  • It is guessed that HD video backgrounds might become one of the most famous techniques of the year. Whether it they giants such as AirBnB to the smaller sites covering almost every genre, streaming videos are quickly becoming the crucial part of the web design scenery. Not going far away, the site for Life of Pi is amongst the first ones to flaunt the blessings of background videos.
  • There are ample of natural opportunities are bestowed by HD backgrounds to make use of the comprehensive range of color inclusive of bright color paired with HD video as well as rainbow-style textures amongst other things. For instance, website Wagamama makes use of a full-screen video with cheerful color as a loading page preparing the users for that same experience all through the site.

What The HD Web Design Future Holds?

High definition is going nowhere in the near future. Thanks to the fascination of humans with the attractive visuals! The fact is that the web designers of today are getting cozier with the basics and so it is quite interesting to look for the ways this is going to grow in the next few years. Following are the guesses that might be the talk of the town anytime in near future:

  • It is expected that we are going to witness more of layered effects that are used in familiar as well as creative ways since many web designers are experimenting well with HD videos.
  • Also, it is guessed that blurring as well as color overlays will be the star of the show as they are bestowed with the power of discoverability and hence, attract users.
  • Plus, there are designers who will play with merging foregrounds along with backgrounds just like playing with 3D effects. It will be more enjoyable to see than it is to talk about.

There is no denying that HD do opens so many doors for the designers setting aside their biggest limitations to their thoughts. By bequeathing finer minutiae, high definition offers more freedom to play and experiment with tactic and strategies that we have not even thought of them ever.
This is how high definition commonly known as HD is not merely a trend, but a beneficial product that is eventually matching up with the latest technological progress. Opt for any proficient Website Designing Company in India and your website is going to do wonders, trust me!

8 thoughts on "High Definition Design: The Upcoming Web Design Trend"

  • Anurag Gupta
    15 September, 2016 at 5:20 am

    Yes, today the markets are flooded with the HD Devices to enhance users' viewing experience.


  • Anurag Gupta
    15 September, 2016 at 5:20 am

    Great Post & thanks for sharing information.


  • dvlper
    15 September, 2016 at 8:37 am

    website design is most important one for online shopping most of them are are using online shopping for purchasing their needs.


  • Dikonia IT Solutions
    12 September, 2016 at 9:20 am

    Hello Anurag Gupta..!! Very nice blog. Only impressive design can target your online presence globally.


  • Hitesh Sonik
    06 September, 2016 at 4:37 am

    Great Post & thanks for sharing information.


  • Kumar Rohit
    02 September, 2016 at 8:49 am

    Great Post ! thanks for sharing.


  • Nikita bhoite
    25 August, 2016 at 9:31 am

    hey guys the most important is website work on all devices with best performance .well i developed a website working on almost devices please advise how to improve in my website www.gov-agents.com


  • Prestige Kew Gardens
    21 July, 2016 at 6:17 am

    I am a basic learning in designing. Thanks for sharing the information!!


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