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Get your website designed in 5 easy steps

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2010-07-21

Get your website designed in 5 easy steps

Wish to have a successful business and do not have an online presence..then this wish tends to remain more or less unfulfilled. In the current scenario, business having its online facet has become a mandatory deal. Having a website online is a key to success but usually people think that getting a website will ask for a lot of money and efforts. However, it is not as people think, contacting a web design company will make the website development process simple and easy for you. Web designing companies have web experts who assist you until your website goes online.
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q89ON198RwA] Here in this write up you will see how you can have your own website designed in 5 very simple steps.

Step 1. Discussion about your requirements and estimated budget
What you need to provide is simply few details like :

  • Your business details
  • Objective behind having a website

That web expert will provide you the quote along with the deliverables based on the requirements and business objectives you have provided.

Step 2. Booking of domain and space

Domain name, the address to your website and the server space are the two important things that need to be booked prior to the designing of the website. The web expert will suggest you the domain name example www.yourcompany-name.com. This domain name will be suggested in accordance with your business objectives and the SEO perspective. You have the complete liberty to choose the domain name and only after your approval, domain will be booked along with the web space for the hosting of your website.

Step 3. Collection of Basic Data

For designing an effective website, company's details are required like :

  • Establishment year
  • Details about infrastructure
  • Details about the company's offerings
  • Images of the products and the company premises
  • Contact details

The web expert will help you to gather the details required on (hyperlinks) different pages of your website. Any assistance needed in this regard is readily offered by the web expert. Ensure that you provide only authentic data that is supported with proofs.

Step 4. Promotional Measures

After the collection of data, the information is handed over to the SEO Experts who analyse and reframe the data as per the web promotional norms. This is an integral step as it helps a website achieve higher rankings on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL etc.

Step 5. Designing and development phase

The final and the most crucial step is the designing phase. All the reframed and edited data is handed over to Web Designers and Developers who prepare the website for hosting. Before the actual hosting, the site will be shown to you on hidden URL. Any changes for the improvement of the website can be suggested by you at this very stage.

Once you are satisfied with all the aspects of your website i.e. its appearance, content, loading time, etc. the site would then be launched on the domain booked for you i.e. yourcompany-name.com. Following these 5 simple steps, you get your well-designed website that is ready to earn you more and more web traffic and thus business. ALWAYS remember to choose a renowned and trusted web development company in order to have a well-promoted website.

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    23 July, 2010 at 2:23 pm

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    22 July, 2010 at 4:49 am

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