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Factors To Consider in 2014 When You are Redesigning a Website

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2014-04-24

Factors To Consider in 2014 When You are Redesigning a Website

The two main factors that are important for good returns from websites are functionality and aesthetic value. With the evolution in internet world due to the entry of phones and tablets, it is necessary to redesign your old static site. Revamping a website is important as the world of internet has changed dramatically and customers expect nothing but the best. The functionality and structure are pertinent to new website. Some of the factors given below are important to follow as to keep up with the trend of 2014.

  • Thorough Research It is important to analyze the trend even before thinking of redesigning the website. The needs, potential spending powers and things that attract the customer should be evaluated. It is important to find the popular key words and phrases that attract the visitors to different websites. Also analyze the upside and disadvantages of your own website if you have one. All these information will help you in re-building the structure of your website.
  • Website Structure The aesthetic value of the website is not the only important thing. The in-depth information about the company and its product is as important. Evaluate the good and bad points of your website. Decide on the effective points and what needs improving or changing. As the mobile devices have entered the market of web, it is beneficial to look into apps and designs which will prove valuable to your business.
  • Navigate The Website It is important to consider the URL of the website. The URL should be search engine friendly without any unnecessary characters. Another aspect that determines the success of the website is the structure. The structure should be simple and attractive that lures the visitors to explore the website further. This step will determine the effective way of increasing visitors which will result into sales conversions.
  • Search Engine Optimization Some of the points determine the traffic directed to the website. Any downside of in these points will lead to loss of potential customers. One of these aspects is the time taken to load a page. The website should load as fast as possible otherwise the visitors will miss out your website. Another aspect that should be considered is Coding. Different things like images and videos hinder the text on the website. Such elements can hamper the necessary information mentioned. All the websites should comply to Section 508 and W3C compliance factors. Request a Free Quote

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