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Essential Tips for Web Developers

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2010-07-23

Essential Tips for Web Developers

When developing a website, there are many things going through the web developer's mind. While creativity and content presentation rule the appearance part, the user friendliness and marketing of the website, enables it to be popular among the target audience. Merely making a website is not enough in the expanse of the World Wide Web; you should know the tricks of the trade to enhance its visibility on the internet. There are some basic details that constitute this strategy and here we are discussing them in brief.

The Title Tag

A Title Tag is one of the reasons why certain websites are ranked higher than others. This is because a relevant and catchy title tag is likely to be ranked higher by the search engines like Google and Yahoo, which results in your website being listed in the first page of a related search. The key to having a good Title Tag is its ability to attract and its uniqueness making it keyword friendly.

The First Paragraph

This is the foremost representation of what is described in your webpage. Whether we are talking in terms of the user, reading your content or the search engines scanning the test of your webpage, the first paragraph is the most important part. The relevant keywords must be used in this paragraph itself and it should aptly summarize the content of your website.

Accessibility and Visibility

Whether they are inbound or outbound, the links of a website play a big role in the improvement of rankings. Quality for the Links means that they should be few and must link to relevant sites (links to websites containing spam/malware are not acceptable at all). Content on your website should be updated as frequently and consistently as possible. URL of the website is another major element that needs to be user as well as search-engine friendly. What would you rather remember- a website with a name like www.mailcheck.com or www.checkyourmailseasily.com? Always make sure that your website loads easily, the pages and links are fully functional, and all the HTML elements are accurate and valid.

The ALT Attribute

The ALT Attribute is used with images to tag it with certain keywords that describe it aptly. But it is becoming a common practice to spam this space with irrelevant keywords, just to increase the ranking in search engines. If you want your website to be ranked higher and not struck off from the Google rankings, then use this attribute judiciously.

Links for Anchor Text

For both outgoing and incoming links, it is highly essential that the anchor text should be relevant and short. The anchor text must give a clear idea of where the link will take the visitor, in order to enable easy navigation. This is also beneficial for search engine crawlers to let them know where the link connects.

The Crucial Robots.txt

A Robots.txt is vital for controlling the search ability of your WebPages. Search engine spiders or crawlers are regularly searching the net and an optimized Robots.txt can be of immense help. To optimize the Robots.txt means that you have command over the pages that will be searched by the crawlers.


Last but never the least, the appearance of the website always plays a major role in its popularity. A website with good layout, active links, interesting content and user-friendly navigation will definitely have an edge over others, while attracting viewers and search engines alike.
Once the credibility of a website is established then you just have to keep in line with the latest trends to develop it further. Optimizing your website for search engines isn't that difficult if you just play by certain rules while keeping your creativity flowing.

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  • szqakh
    31 July, 2010 at 6:19 am

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