Designing For The Cyber Space: Best Software Tools

Earlier, the world of designing was restricted to 2D and 3D environments. Now, with the popularity of the Internet spreading over all the corners of the globe, Cyber space has also become a dream destination for designers. For all the budding web designers out there, designing in the cyber world requires both creativity and knowledge. Moreover, their finished canvas is available for the world to see. When thinking of web creation programs, there are several options that are available to you. However, the top contenders are Adobe GoLive, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web and Microsoft SharePoint Designer. The results using these programs find acceptance with many companies. In addition, you have to keep in mind that the webpage should be compatible with diverse web browsers.

Read on to discover the features and points that that make these four Web Designing Tools a favorite among designers.

Adobe Go Live

  • The Adobe environment is familiar to designers and so requires less learning and improves  cross software integration
  • Additional functionality by means of the set of extensible APIs
  • Supports the “ drag and drop “ feature for the effortless incorporation of graphic elements in the website
  • Interface that allows  the combined use of XML, C/C++ and JavaScript


  • The HTML features offer the designers more flexibility and freedom in designing the website
  • Integrates Java and Flash elements
  • The split view of  Design and Code enables user to changes in code affect the design on a real time basis
  • Allows you to check compatibility by viewing the result on several browser

Microsoft Expression Web

  • Familiar environment of Microsoft Windows
  • SEO checker for analyzing Search Engine rankings
  • HTML editor

Microsoft SharePoint Designer

  • HTML editors
  • Environment that is easy to use
  • Easy integration of external data

Designing for the web is also becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies are going online with their business. So, remember to choose software that you are comfortable to work with and that suits your work requirements.


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