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Design The Perfect Website For Mobiles

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-12-02

Design The Perfect Website For Mobiles

Nowadays, it has become even easier to browse the net on the go. How? Of course with mobiles. But unlike the websites designed for a desktop computer, a mobile website is a miniature version that is more catchy and concise in comparison. Designing a website for the Mobile interface is an interesting task that needs to take several factors into account. Basically, it has to do with the fact that mobile users want faster information at their fingertips and are usually looking for short content that is easy to read on the small screen. If you are a web designer trying to make an excellent mobile website, then the following info will surely help you.

User is The King

Amongst all sorts of challenges that you will face while designing a mobile web site, the most important will be nature of the website itself and the keyword here is User friendly. Mobile users essentially want a website that is easily accessible and gives more information in a few seconds. The main features to consider while designing these are:

  • Easy navigation-the content should be accessible to the user in fewer clicks
  • Put lesser content on a page but that should make an impact
  • Loading time-avoid widgets, flash animations and other add-ons that may slow your website
  • Use smaller images that can be viewed easily in the mobile screens of any size


Each day you find hundreds of new models of Mobiles in the market and most of the times, the web-enabled mobiles differ so much in their configuration that what works in one set may be completely different from the other. Spend more time in making a website that is compatible with all handsets by coding as per their configurations.


A well-designed mobile website is useless if it does not work properly or is not marketed by you. After designing go through this checklist to sure that you have the perfect website:

  • Analyze it using tools like Google Analytics
  • Keep the domain name of the website as .mobi to make it rank higher on the search engines.
  • Increase the web presence by including the website in paid search listings, directories, operator portals and don't forget to optimize it for searching through SEO.

A well-made website is simple and offers the users a gateway to information that they can access anywhere. So you need not spend much on the designing aspects but focus more on research to understand the target users. Mobile websites may not bring in the bucks initially but when the profits start pouring in then it goes a long way.

1 thoughts on "Design The Perfect Website For Mobiles"

  • James-MobileWebsite
    17 December, 2010 at 6:13 am

    Hey, great channel and information you have here, keep it coming, best of luck-James


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