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Custom Web Design Versus Web Template

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-05-08

Custom Web Design Versus Web Template

Are you confused of whether to choose Custom Web Design or Web Template for promotion of your business? Don't know which website will efficiently make your business stand apart from other competitors?Here is a write-up that will provide an answer to all your queries.

Custom Web Design :

For distinctive presentation of a website, custom designs are used as they incorporate unique features and presentation styles. It reflects the strategy and background of a company and its services.

Benefits of a custom web design :

  • Exclusive design : The custom based website is designed with an intention to make a company stand among other competitors. This website is an important business asset and reflects your company's policies and the services you offer. It is an extension of your company's image and is designed around the branding strategy of your company only. No one else can have a same website as yours.
  • Flexibility : You may incorporate other features to your website in future, which you could not have added due to budget constrains etc. It is easy to integrate new features to your site and this flexibility allows you to make continual improvements in the website.
  • Scalability : Where do you see your business in future? The web designer will take into consideration your future plans: about what you want from your website. Selection of the technologies for designing the website will be based on the same.
  • Search engine friendly : Search engine optimization is a must. A professional web designer will look after your website and will try to improve the ranking of your site on the search engine.

Drawbacks :

  • Cost : It is usually higher as the web designer creates a website in a unique way. Sometimes same geometry is kept throughout the pages but sometimes each page is customized in a unique distinctive manner.
  • Time : It takes longer development time as many things have to be kept in mind like the company's policies, services, background etc. Customization takes time.

Web Template :

Web template offers a good value, if your content fits adequately in it. Templates are considered as quick fix when you want to develop a website for an event or a small business promotion. It saves upon your money and cost.

Benefits of a Web template :

  • Cost : When launching a website especially for a new business, web templates are quite economical and convenient. You can avoid the expense of custom graphic design. These websites are very affordable.
  • Options : As per your requirement, you can choose from a wide range of templates. It saves your precious time and gives you a choice to select from different templates.
  • Time : It takes shorter development time. The template is ready, just the graphics and content has to be placed.
  • Inspiration : It means not necessarily using the same template, but using the color, design, feel and look of the template for developing your own website.

Drawbacks :

  • Exclusivity : You are not the only one using that design. There can be many other rivals using the same web template.
  • Antiquated coding : Many templates don't undergo testing across different browsers. This limits your web audience.
  • Customization : There is a limited scope for customization. Sometimes templates break down, if you incorporate your own graphics and content.

If confusion arises from choosing between customized website and template based, go for a fusion of both template and custom website. Choose a template and then customize it.

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