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CSS3-The Future of Web Design

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2009-11-11

CSS3-The Future of Web Design

With the emergence of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the appearance of web pages has revived manifold as they give are equipped with impressive tech features. Now, the boring Web Pages can be replaced with colors and properly aligned tables and graphics. CSS1 and CSS2, officially recommended By W3C, came up with several innovative CSS layouts that changed the face of web designing. The newest version is CSS3, imbibed with countless features that are time saving and are designed in order to satiate the mounting expectations of the new generation. It is giving new dimensions to web designing and taking it to an advanced lap.

  • How is CSS3 more advanced than CSS1 and CSS2?

CSS3 enables the web designers to work in a print-like environment, which is suppler than other existing versions. It lets the webmasters exercise their creativity. As compared to CSS1 and CS2 which have the capability of supporting distinct features like Font Properties, Tables, Margins, Borders, Absolute & Fixed Positioning, Z-Index etc., CSS3 has several new capabilities in store for you.

Features of CSS3 >> Multi-column layout >> Layered backgrounds >> Opacity >> RGBA

  • Multi Column Layout : -

CSS3 contains a special component that enable us to place content in columns as usually seen in newspapers and magazines. It also gives option to customize the properties (Gaps, Dividers and Rules) of the columns as per requirements. This eases the users to read and understand the content.

  • Layered Backgrounds :-

This feature enables numerous background pictures to be applied to the web page or to a small content area. The specialty of the feature lies in its time saving ability and minimum loading time. Also it enables us in creating round-cornered boxes.

  • Opacity :-

The existing web pages are opaque and nothing is visible underneath them. With this feature of CSS3 the opacity level can be reduced, offering heaps of design possibilities. This feature has to be implemented as placing plenty of designs can lead to chaos.

  • RGBA :-

This highly advanced feature is a color mode property, which helps in addition of alpha-bending and shadow blending to our Style Sheets. It also enables us to reorganize our CSS and make use of buttons easier.

CSS3 is not yet supported by all web browsers but it is huge leap taken in the field of web designing. People are waiting to use these highly advanced features that will allow them to exercise their creative flair. CSS3 will pave the way for the next high-tech lap of web designing.

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