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Create an organic web design

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2010-01-22

Create an organic web design

What comes to your mind when you hear the term Organic? In most of the minds picture of trees and plants is created. Organic is something that we obtain from the living organisms be it fruits, manure, compost, etc. Organic designs are a part of almost all art forms: painting, building architecture, etc. The most recent use of organic design is in the field of web.

Web designing has emerged as the most dynamic field and is known to frequently incorporate new forms. Various companies and professional web designers have started using a natural approach in the making of their logos and websites. In the era when everywhere green revolution is promoted even the web field is including it in its graphics and layouts.

The technological shine that has ruled the web designing is now overshadowed by the new organic web design concept. Not everyone knows that what organic web design is? And designers must be keen to know how they can create it? Organic web design is basically bringing in the natural elements into a hi-tech environment. Elements such as earthy textures, wood grains, natural fabrics, plants, etc. and also the colors or materials that provides an essence of nature. Here are the 4 categories of web design that will help you to make an organic web design:

  • Materials, fabrics and textures that suggest presence of organic elements are used : As mentioned before that a web design is made by fitting in natural elements. The objects that are used are papyrus, tape, muslin, paper, wood and muslin. As these items are obtained from the natural things, they give a natural appeal to the layout.
  • Abstract or Conceptual essences of nature can be used : If not natural products then what ? You can also make use of shapes, materials, colors and brushes that imitates the nature and its elements. These are meant to provide an essence of organic environment. Most of the websites designed on these lines have streamlined graphics.
  • Alternate organic web design elements: Organic web design doesn't always mean something that is extracted or obtained directly from nature. Things that were once created by humans and then neglected are also regarded as organic. For example: deserted piece of wood that was once a part of a building or stained materials that once graced the d'cor of the house. Torn clothes, old photographs, etc. can also be considered organic.
  • Try to use a whole image than its parts: Rather than using either graphics or brushes in creating an image we should use both in one image. More is obtained from the whole image than from its integrated parts. This technique is commonly used in the making of typographies.

Thus proper usage of these categories shall let you design an attractive and effectual organic web design. This natural idea can help your website to attain an all new and rare look. Addition of your novel and innovative ideas to it like use of vibrant and earthy colors, etc. could raise the scale of your designed organic website.

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