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The Changed Ecommerce Realm after Covid-19

Ecommerce | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2020-06-18

The Changed Ecommerce Realm after Covid-19

Over the decade, there's a lot that has transformed the e-commerce sector. The introduction of new trends & practices has revolutionized the retail market. This evolution has made it easier for people to purchase online at any time. Furthermore, integrating technological advancements and other factors has been the magnum opus for the e-commerce industry of India and other countries. However, things wouldn't be the same after the Covid-19 pandemic. It has fenced the e-commerce sphere with restrictions.

With the imposition of lockdowns, throughout the world for preventing the spread of this Chinese virus, the e-commerce industry underwent a colossal change. Many renowned eCommerce giants came up with innovations, better services, and a lot more for making the online shopping experience smooth. This is essential for every e-commerce company because competition in this industry is immortal. Even during the struggling phase of Covid-19, no company wants to lose its clientele. Hence, the addition of new trends benefits the company.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that e-commerce giants would keep benefiting even after Covid-19, but with slight changes. Here's a list of some changes that we could get to witness in the e-commerce website designs in the near future.

  • Assessing Customer Behavior

Without any second thought, even the industry mavens assert that e-commerce is an ever-evolving space. It will continue to advance and burgeon with time. With this, customer behavior will see a drastic shift in terms of purchasing. Covid-19 has been a booster for e-shopping as none wants to transmit the risk/exposure to the virus at any cost. All e-commerce giants need to assess the preference of their buyers considering the age group and gender. Without understanding customer behavior, it is similar to offline selling practice. Once the behavior of the customer is assessed, it becomes easier to upscale

  • Better Shipping Options

Since the inception, the eCommerce industry has been flourishing and even experts predict that it would take a colossal jump in the forthcoming years. But one thing that has been stagnated is delivery options. The eCommerce industry has limited delivery options and without drifting changes, it would remain a permanent obstacle. Then, the idea of same-day delivery was introduced and now, it is mainstream too! So, an innovation called Drone Delivery is something that would uphill in the next decade as we're still in the phase of technology development. Using Delivery Drones and integrating the shortest map route, it would become a cakewalk to deliver the order placed by the client conveniently. Swiggy and Zomato have recently gained permission from DGCA for delivering through drones.

  • Integrating Augmented Reality

Who would have thought that shopping would be a cakewalk in the modern world with augmented reality! It has become an immensely popular concept in e-commerce website design. A lot of companies in the e-commerce sector have included this astounding feature. Since more than 65% of the global populace uses mobile phones for scrolling the website, UI with AR becomes engaging. You would be surprised to know that AR can uphill the Google rankings and boost sales. With augmented reality, you can easily get the optimal composite view of an item. Many website development companies worldwide have started integrating the AR feature on the websites.

  • Fresh Payment Options

This is not about PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. With the changing global scenario, the currency will also drift towards change. Though online payment will remain a prominent choice for all buyers, cryptocurrency will also expand its roots in the e-commerce industry. Many countries like Japan, America, Germany, France, Singapore, Holland, etc., have become hubs of cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. Even in India, this ideology is gaining up the pace once again, especially for the bitcoin. Since many people have been investing in bitcoin, there's a possibility of increased e-commerce.

  • Visual Commerce

Post Covid-19, several new shopping trends will emerge too! The trend of snap & shop is expected to be a major hit among shoppers worldwide. This feature would function like Google Lens and allow users to see the online sellers of the product. There are several apps like CamFinder and others that serve this futuristic purpose of online shopping. The trend of snap and shop, especially in India, is gaining hike and would become a popular trend soon. Pinterest application has launched its camera application that identifies the product and provides its description. This app is already working on partnership terms with multiple e-commerce platforms.

  • Chatbot Assistance

We're consistently drifting towards better technological advancements. Integration & use of chatbots is not a new concept and people are familiar with it. By incorporating chatbots, the CRM is strengthened as general queries can be answered instantly. As per a report, 60% of online shoppers prefer chatbots to get their grievances resolved instantaneously. According to e-commerce mavens, it is predicted that more businesses will incorporate chatbots that will enhance the smooth online shopping experience. By 2025, the growth is expected to surpass 1.35 billion!

  • Voice Commerce Will Keep Rising

Another concept that isn't new but catches attention whenever mentioned! Since 2017s last quarter, voice searches rose to prominence and by the end of 2019, it became common practice for all of us. Google Alexa, Siri, and Amazon Alexa are prime examples. However, it will rise with different changes. Since it is a non-visual experience, the shopper requires commanding the verbal description, brand name, or sellers dealing with the product in the domain. Many experts in the e-commerce website development industry have mixed opinions on this trend.

Summarizing On a Whole

The above was a quick list of some changes that will be reflecting soon in the e-commerce market. These trends will impact the e-commerce web design industry as well due to the growing technological advancements. With the adoption of the latest trends in the e-commerce domain, it will solely target the improvement and the shopping experience. By implementing the above-listed changes, the e-commerce market can set up a new paradigm of evolution in the forthcoming year.

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