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Avoid Web Design Mistakes - part 1

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2009-11-20

Avoid Web Design Mistakes - part 1

Web Design is a term that is most commonly associated with the styling of websites and various other web applications. It is the most active field of web world, which is often updated. We will discuss some of the points in this blog, which will act as your Web Design guide.

Why do the mistakes occur?

The mistakes committed by the web designer are a result of his lack of awareness. Also the mistakes occur because the web designers try to improvise many techniques at one time.

Below is the list of recurrent mistakes

  • The purpose of the site should be communicated in about in seconds: A site should be designed to focus on the point that the site should communicate its purpose within a couple of seconds. If the visitor is unable to figure out what the site is about within few seconds, then he will be move to other options.
  • Content should be made Scannable: The site should have content that can be read in a single go. Use of Headers, Lists, and Bulleted Points enables the user to filter the stuff he is looking for.
  • Unreadable Fancy Fonts and Tiny Fonts should not be used: Very often, we witness that the sites have some Fancy Fonts and Tiny Fonts that are very difficult to read. So these should be avoided in order to make the read of the visitors comfortable.
  • User's browser windows should not be resized: Let the control of the browser be in the hands of the user. Resizing of the browser might lead to confusion at the user's end and he may leave your site.
  • Subscribing the user for something without his permission should be avoided: Subscribing the user for newsletters or any other thing without his permission can annoy him and he might lose trust in you.Overuse of Flash must be avoided: Flash Images eat up a lot of space, increases the loading time of the sites. Also at times they irritate the visitors, so they use should be minimized.
  • Let the user start a music file: If a music file is being inserted to a site, then its control must be left on the user.
  • Do not clutter your website with badges: Use of badges of networks and prizes seems very unprofessional.
  • Contact details must be added: Contact details of the website owner must be added. Its absence might make you lose important feedback.
  • Do not use a homepage that just launches the real website: A site should be designed in order to provide ease to the users. There shouldn't be much steps to reach the main content as it reader's might lose interest.
  • Ensure that the Back button is not broken: Use of some JavaScript Links and new browsers may break the back button. After its broken the visitor might not come back to your site.
  • Do not use blinking text: it is an outdated style, simply avoid it.
  • Complex URL structures must be avoided: Simple URL structure with keywords should be used as it helps in improving your search engine rankings and also makes the search and read of the visitor easier.
  • CSS to be preferred HTML Tables: It will allow you save a lot of time and will speed up the downloading time.
  • Ensure that the users can search the whole website: ensure that the users are able to navigate through your whole website easily.

We are leaving the discussion in mid, as there are many other common mistakes. We will talk about them in the succeeding part of our blog. style="text-align: center;"

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