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Are you going to launch your website?

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-06-17

Are you going to launch your website?

Having an effective online presence is a key to a successful business. A companys website is its online face, which says everything about it. The common mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they pay attention only to the attraction quotient of the website ignoring its launching issues. This often leads to failure of the site in achieving apt promotion. So, here in this write up we offer you some important points that need to be checked before your website is launched. These points will ensure that the website fulfils your dreams and come up to your expectations.

Loading time Check the loading time, yes its crucially important that your website opens at a faster speed. No matter how great your website is if it makes your visitor wait for minutes, it is a failure. Believe me the visitor rather than waiting will prefer to click on other websites having faster speed.

Navigation Check the links and their connectivity. Are they leading your visitors to desired pages without much number of clicks and misleading paths? This check is very important to ensure that your visitors do not just visit the main page but stay longer on your website.

Images ? Images say a lot, they appeal more to the humans than the written content. Clarity of images matters a lot. You need to know whether they are clear enough and translate the exact figure or not?? Apart from this, naming of images is very important. In case your visitor likes a particular image and want to enquire about the same, he should have clear name to send a query. ? Also, do not put unnecessary cluster of images on the Index Page, it should be just symbolic to your business.

Content ? Thoroughly check the content on your website and ensure that it is grammatically correct with accurate spellings ? Ensure that the font is readable ? Each section should have sufficient information to convince your visitor ? Ensure that language is user friendly and easy to interpret. Do not use jargons; they might confuse your visitors.

Technical functionality

  • Site map
  • Feedback section
  • Enquiry forms
  • Correct and complete contact information
  • Correct price list (in case of ecommerce websites)
  • Systems to ensure secured transactions (in case of ecommerce web designing)

So, after checking all the above points you can ensure that your website is ready to be launched. This site will be error-free and surely a well-promoted one that will take your business to greater heights.

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