Are Ecommerce Transactions Secure?

Full sack locked by gold lockEcommerce is one of the fastest growing businesses in the current scenario. Scarcity of time and unavailability of the products at a given point of time are the most important factors contributing to the growth of ecommerce. Even in times of depressed economy online shopping gained popularity and continued to generate large revenue.


Is online transaction secure?
With fraud and hackers lurking at all corners, online transaction is not at all secure. Ecommerce stores or shopping carts have their payment gateways that carry out the financial transactions. It is a business’s responsibility to choose the perfect payment gateway that has all the possible security options. All online financial transactions include sharing of personal credit card details. It is witnessed that most of the customers have turned down their orders online because of the poor security. But use of newly invented software have made the transactions secure.


Latest measures taken up by the shopping cart owners:
The developers have designed various security software in order to make online transactions safer.


Steps that an advanced secure shopping cart follows:

  1. When you place an order on a shopping cart you are directed to a web page with order form
  2. Then after filling up and submitting the form the order is send via https:// to a safer server
  3. This secure site contains a security device in the browser
  4. It may also have SSL trust marks that encrypts the information in coded form
  5. The SSL verifies the details of both the client and the server
  6. A SSL certificate is awarded after verification
  7. The encrypted information intentionally messes up the data that makes it more secure
  8. Each of this SSL certificate have two keys public and personal


Public Key :-  for encrypting the information
Private Key :-  for decrypting the information

Only the authorized users are able to encrypt and decrypt the information. Thus this whole process makes the ecommerce transaction process fair and secure. Using the safe mode of transactions, the businesses have been able to shun away the fears related to online transactions. The highly advanced security software enables the ecommerce stores or businesses to conduct their businesses with much ease and without any fear.

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