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An Insight Into E-Commerce

Ecommerce | Ankit Gupta | Updated: 2013-07-08

An Insight Into E-Commerce

In simple words, E-Commerce refers to the carrying out of business transactions, both buying and selling, over the Internet. The growing popularity of the Internet has provided connectivity & a common platform to all buyers and sellers.

E-Commerce - Why It Is Good For The Customers?

  • Anytime Access - One of the best things about E-Commerce is that customers can get in touch with the sellers anytime they want. They customers are not restricted by the business hours as is the case when they go to regular shops. Comparisons - It is easy for a customer to visit the e-commerce websites of different sellers and have a look at their respective product catalogues. This enables them to make the best choices as per the information available to them.
  • Many Choices - On the Internet, the customers have access to a wide number of sellers - both local as well as international. Also they can view a wide variety of products available with different sellers on the Internet.
  • Advanced Delivery Processes - With e-commerce becoming popular on a global scale, customers now have access to a speedier delivery system. It has also enabled advanced features like online tracking of consignment, etc. In case of software products, delivery can be made online only within a matter of minutes.

E-Commerce - Why It Is Good For Companies?

  • Global Market Place - With the concept of e-commerce, all businesses have become global on a virtual scale. What this means is that geographical boundaries no longer matter, as a company may not target local but international clients also.
  • Reduced Inventories - Now there is no need for sellers to maintain huge stocks, as they can easily collect orders from buyers online & offer products accordingly as per the specifications of the clients.
  • 24/7 Access - The customers can get in touch with the sellers any time and there are no constraints as far as working hours are concerned.
  • Lesser Operation Costs - There is minimal investment required in order to carry out business transactions online. This is especially good for small time businesses & start up ventures.

The development of new business concepts with the ever increasing popularity of the Internet has brought forward new opportunities for business entities. All this, together with availability of advanced technologies, secure networks & interactivity functions has further spurred the growth of Ecommerce Web Design Company.

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