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All About Flat Web Design Trend

Web Design | Admin | Updated: 2014-08-11

All About Flat Web Design Trend

Just like its name, flat design directs towards flatness of style. The key feature of this style is minimalism and the main idea involves creating a simple interface by removing extra elements such as bevels, shadows and textures which may create a 3D look. This flat style of designing is new craze among people and web developers these days. Web developers from all over the world are putting in a lot of innovations for using this designing in a creative manner. Discussed below is more on the flat web design trend:

Origination of Flat Web Design

Most of the designs and ideas which are immensely popular in today's web world are said to be taken from art and print ancestries. Like other designs, the flat design also origination from one of these ancestries. It is believed that the flat designing style is inspired from Swiss design style and minimalist design. From 1940 to 1950, it was the Swiss design style which popularized the use of sans-serif typography and clean hierarchical layout and content. The flat design is also inspired by the minimalism which was witnessed during this period. This design became popular even before it was launched on the web.

Popularity of Flat Web Design

The key reason which has been found behind the popularity of flat style designing is the increased growth which the responsive design gained over the years. As in the flat design, extra elements are absent; websites get loaded faster and get re sized easily according to the screen size of the device. Flat design style is very beneficial as it makes display of typography and crisp boxes very easy.

Future of the Flat Web Design

With its attractive features, flat web design is likely to dominate the web world for a few more years. Like every other style and design, it is expected that soon another design will come and replace this design. Though it is not necessary but it is a cycle which has been constantly followed in the past.

Today, the flat design is immensely popular but no one knows when this trend will fade away from the web world. But, Request a Free Quote

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