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7 Tips that Increase Mobile App Downloads by 30%

App Development | Poonam | Updated: 2021-02-03

7 Tips that Increase Mobile App Downloads by 30%

Designing an app is not a tough nut to break. The real game begins when the application is finally released to be used. This phase can be cleared easily but the obstacle arrives when the application is not downloaded. It isnt less than a nightmare for a dedicated Mobile Application Developer in India.

Lets admit, getting noticed on digital platforms is indeed a tough nut to break. Competing with more than 5500 apps on Play Store and App Store is not a cakewalk. A lot of application developers face this problem when their app doesnt get downloaded much. After all, it is disheartening if your efforts are not recognized.
But, every problem has a solution. All it takes is extra effort to ooze the results efficiently. You can increase your app downloads by understanding the crux of the matter. Do not denigrate the facts that will be shared ahead for an increased mobile app download ratio.

The Mobile App Marketing Toolkit

Using this toolkit, mobile web app developers can accomplish the desired results. Lets dive in.
  • The App Store Optimization
The algorithm of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store set an applications search result based on different factors. It includes the number of downloads, ratings, location, reviews, backlinks (for popularity), and retention rate. By having the core understanding of ASO, you can easily assess the existing lacunae and clear them for better results in no time. Thats a key reason why developers acquire paid reviews services for popping in upper search results and getting more downloads.
  • Icon- The Face of The App
Everyone loves a pretty face. The type of icon design impacts the success rate of an application multifariously. The icon of an app is the first thing that strikes the user just like an identity card. If it lacks brand value, there are chances for it not being on the list of downloads. Another point that should be remembered is simplicity. App icons shouldnt be flashy because the icon is a visual representation of the application. It conveys the purpose that should be clear.
  • Social Media Marketing
Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter are leading social media platforms. No further arguments. But that doesnt mean your app will have its voice heard on every platform. Before commencing with the essential step of social media marketing, think what the app would sound like if it were a person. Debuting on social media is all about infotaining. Just dont think to drag your subscribers into the pit of monotony because it can be detrimental to the app status. Enhance the engagement level by replying to user comments. It is a sure-fire way for driving more downloads.
  • And Now, Introducing The Challenger
Imagine if every food delivery app was called Facebook or Instagram. Cant even imagine the clutter! Name and identity should be unique and one must not be an imposter. A mobile application must have a unique name that connects it to the brand. People should be able to recall it in a breath. Although reaping the name seed and waiting for the plant would take years, heres a set of pro tips to coin a cool mobile app name:
  • Extensive headhunting is a must. Do not copy names or it will be a legal trouble
  • The name should have components like easy to spell, crisp, and memorable
  • Choose a name that conveys the brand value/services
  • Told you, this would be simple!
  • Photos That Serve Purpose
Understanding this with an example would ooze the best result. Mr. A and Mr. B developed the same kind of mobile application. Mr. As app has an impressive build but no description of use. Mr. Bs app is simple and has some descriptions for its users. The rest of the situation is self-explanatory.
People will download Mr. Bs app because it carries the info on how to use the app. The sole aim of adding explanatory photos and screenshots is to help the user to understand the functionality of an application. The points listed below also advocate for explanation photos:
  • Showing how the application actually appears for users
  • Sharing screenshots of different facets of the app in action
  • Emphasizing the prime features of an app through the elaboration
  • Creating a short video describing the functionality of the application
  • Paid Reviews & Promotions
Although it is counted as a black-hat practice (maybe a bit), acquiring reviews plays an exponential role in boosting downloads of an application. Make sure that the reviews are fabricated within a limit. The app will be suspended automatically from Play Store/App Store when found decorated with fake reviews. Hence, adding reviews from genuine persons can be a savior. Another tip for gaining downloads is approaching social media influencers and YouTubers. Such leadership will help in the upsurge of the app download graph.
  • User Behavior Analysis
Having a lot of downloads is great, but having the record of what age group is using it is awesome! App user analytics is essential for the growth of the brand. Theres no rocket science in this. You just need to track the age group that engages the most with the application. Note their comments in the reviews that would help in fixing the lacunae that were missed during the beta testing phase.
Using Googles Universal Analytics Tool would be of great help. Using it allows connecting to multiple devices with a unique ID. By sharing the ID with the Google Analytics server, you can acquire the count of application users and other helpful data.

Mic Drop

If youre reading this line, it means that you really seek improvements in your plans for the app. Relax, we wont ask for credit, but would appreciate it if you integrate these guidelines for a flawless application download rate. Everyone does the hard work but only a handful of people choose smart work. You should also follow the smart work barn and see the desired changes.

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