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7 Effective Design Trends For Your E-commerce Website In 2017

Ecommerce | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2017-04-06

7 Effective Design Trends For Your E-commerce Website In 2017

E-commerce design trends keep changing in sync with the changes in shopping pattern of the customers. Usually giant players like Amazon lead the changes and influence the trends by introducing new concepts. To survive in stiff competition of Ecommerce industry its inescapable for e-commerce website designers community to find out whats new in the market and perfectly responsive to the shoppers growing needs and that is why trends of e-commerce design remains one of the hottest topics of discussion.
So, while talking about the e-commerce design trends of 2017, again discussions are revolving around the key factors that attract more audience and the ones drive them off. To take a glimpse at the trends of this year, let's take a snapshot of 7 major E-commerce design trends for 2017.

  • Mobile-First Approach

Google Penguin understood that more people are using their handy mobile devices for online transactions when it released the Mobilegeddon algorithm update in 2015. Right after the launch of this update, every e-commerce website was focused on making a mobile responsive design. However, times have changed now, the year 2017 would see the e-commerce website designers creating website for mobile first and then making it responsive for desktop view. Shoppers would find a seamless mobile-friendly experience while browsing through the e-commerce sites with this mobile-first approach.

  • Interaction Through Conversational Bots

Having a virtual shopping assistant by the online shopper's side would be the new trend in 2017 e-commerce. These conversational bots or chatbots would offer a more personalized online shopping experience to the audience. Chatbots offering smart assistance in the e-commerce experience by understanding the shoppers needs and solving all their shopping queries would be on the rise in 2017. A conversational user interface, powered by Artificial Intelligence, would be used to keep the shopper engaged while automating the communication and sales.

  • Emergence Of Cinemagraphs

GIFs were a common sight on e-commerce websites a year back, however, this year cinemagraphs would be taking over the websites with their subtle looks. Cinemagraphs are still pictures with small animations added to them. These are more engaging than images and give a better online shopping experience to the users. Animated pictures or these cinemagraphs can be used in product images, homepage banners, category headers and much more to treat the eye of the shopper.

  • Material Design Still Rules

2014 was the breakthrough year for the grid-view material design and the design was highly appreciated by the users; so much so that it still manages to rule the e-commerce design in 2017. Material designs with shadow effects, card-like layout, vibrant colors, responsive animations and transitions will continue to grow in 2017 owing to the popularity they gained. E-commerce is adopting and will continue to adopt this design for better and more organized viewing of their products on the webpage.

  • Rise Of Bright Colors

E-commerce design trends discussion cannot be completed without talking about the color schemes that would attract more shoppers. 2017 would be one year where we would see an explosion of bright colors on the e-commerce website screens. In fact, e-commerce websites would segment and analyze the audience on the basis of their age-group and pick colors from the bright palette to match their preferences. Greenery has been crowned the color of the year 2017 by Pantone, so you can use it in your e-commerce design if it feels relevant to the brand and audience mood.

  • Long Scroll Trumps Pagination

As the size of screens decreases, the size of scrolls increases, this would be yet another mantra for e-commerce sites. Pagination, which made users click to load the consecutive pages for further viewing would see a downfall and long scrolling content would rule. A single page loading offers a visual narrative that keeps the shopper engaged without breaking the concentration. 2017 would be the year when scrolling pages would establish their mark permanently and be seen in almost all the e-commerce sites.

  • High Quality Visual Treats

While images have always been a part of e-commerce sites, the year 2017 would see the rise of a high-quality pictures that showcase all the details minutely. In fact, for offering a better visual experience, the e-commerce sites would use video content to lure the passive audience. The video content and large image backgrounds would be used for each product page in addition to the home page itself.

While designing your e-commerce website for mobiles using chatbots, long scrolling content, card/grid layout, bright colors, cinemagraphs and high-quality visuals, it is important that you incorporate each point carefully so that it does not create an unnecessary mess and drive off the shopper. Ensure that the friction is reduced to a minimum while using these trends in your e-commerce website for attracting and retaining more customers.

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  • Amar Khan
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    05 June, 2017 at 11:03 am

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  • Kbizsoft
    30 May, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    E-commerce designing trends are updating expeditiously day by day. However the technology is changing very fast therefore it's challenging for any web designer to predict the future what comes next. Also, Predicting ever-changing eCommerce website design ideas is a challenge for developers also.


  • iprism
    29 May, 2017 at 11:38 am

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    23 May, 2017 at 9:13 am

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  • Reseau Solutions SL Inc
    05 May, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    In fact, this trend of web design is now underway, especially in terms of visual behavior, bright colors and mobile first approach, so that more people will be able to reach the website. thanks for sharing the good post.


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