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6 Types Of Content Your E-Commerce Site Must Have

Ecommerce | Admin | Updated: 2012-08-27

6 Types Of Content Your E-Commerce Site Must Have

Believe it or not but content has emerged as the king when it comes to increasing the visibility of a website and enhancing user experience. Content can exist in various forms on an E-commerce Website and is being used as a powerful tool nowadays to increase conversions, organic visibility and is also a major part of the promotion done through social networks. In this write-up you will find six types of content that your E-commerce website must have to make it a hit with search engine spiders for SEO and users alike.

Type I : Helpful Blogs & Videos Related To Products These are easily indexed by search engines and attract readers/potential buyers who may bookmark the page, share the link or buy what you have on offer. You can include articles that can help buyers make the buying decision and also add an element of uniqueness to your website. Include the links to the blogs and videos in the product pages so that users can be easily directed there.

Type II : Detailed Product Information Make your product pages unique and rank high on search engine results by adding content such as images, videos, buyer's guide and commentary on the product. This way the pages will be optimized properly for the search engines and it will also increase conversions.

Type III : Information That Helps This type of information is usually in the form of articles/blogs with headlines and text matter that are usually searched by people like: How to ___________? What is ___________? What are the benefits of _____________? It is a good idea to contact Professional SEO Companies to do this job for you since they have access to the best tools and even writers who can develop such content for your website.

Type IV : Rewritten Manufacturer's Product Descriptions This type of content requires you to rewrite the description by adding more useful info or deleting some info to make the content more compact. This adds to the uniqueness of the page for better ranking on search engine results.

Type V : Ask an Expert Feature This increases the level of interactivity, builds confidence in the visitors and ensures that your website gets repeat visitors.

Type VI : User Generated Content User Reviews: Content from user reviews is very useful as it is unique, stimulates the interest of the buyers helps increase visibility on search results.

Forum : This takes the level of interactivity to another level altogether.Though maintaining a forum is not very easy since you have to regularly post new topics for discussion but it pays well in the long run.

Videos & Images : This can either be posted by you to increase discussion among users or you can create a platform that can urge users to participate and make submissions. This type of content is readily shared and increases the organic visibility. Request a Free Quote

2 thoughts on "6 Types Of Content Your E-Commerce Site Must Have"

  • rajsrivastav
    03 September, 2012 at 3:53 am

    Great Tips. We can use bulletin content instead to have Paragraph content to make users to read entire thing about the product. It will be very useful to increase the visibility of products. I tried it.


  • cut mrp
    28 August, 2012 at 11:42 am

    This blog gives the knowledge about the content which must have in e-commerce site.By the help of this content we can increase the visibility of our e-commerce site.


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