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5 Tips For Hiring A Web Designer

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2015-02-27

5 Tips For Hiring A Web Designer

Hiring a Web Designer could be a tough task. It is one of your most crucial hires because he/she is the person who will craft your company's online image and a Web Designer should know about internet marketing other wise an ineffective Web Designer could cause you more harm than good!. With more than thousands of Designers to choose from you can easily get overwhelmed while hiring one. You might have often heard about people ending up in the hands of the wrong designer. It simply results in a disastrous website, which can totally hamper all the growth aspects of a business. Here are some tips and strategies to help you choose the right talent.

Hire for Talent first, then Experience

The talent and aptitude of a Web Designer should be the most important consideration when you hire one. While experience is important, it can be a drawback too. The innate talent of a Website Designer could be the bigger predictor of success rather than his/her experience. Just because a Designer lacks experience does not mean that he can't create a cutting edge website for you.

  • The must-have Skills The knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script for a Web Designer is like the holy Bible for a Christian. In addition, a Designer who knows PHP, Flash, Ajax, graphics creation is a bonus for you.
  • The Portfolio Matters The portfolios of the Designers can give you a clear picture about their expertise and skills. Examine the portfolios online as this gives you a chance to see how the websites actually work. Check the functionality and features of the web design portfolio. Also, check if the navigation layout creates a useful experience for the user.
  • Good Designer, Good references Asking for references of people whom they have worked with earlier is a good practice. Read some reviews and testimonials before you make the final decision. Calling up the references is also a good idea as it gives you a clear about the quality of their work.
  • Sign up a Contract If the Designer you are planning to hire doesn't usually use contracts, then finding another Designer will be a smart move. Contracts are very essential protection tools for both the parties as you both are at risk without a contract. The contract should include dates, time, deadlines, estimated costs, due dates, etc.

Take your time while hiring your Web Designer after evaluating them on the above mentioned parameters. But if you realize the person is just not up to the mark, let him/her go as fast as possible.

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