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5 Things To Consider While Designing A Logo For Branding

Web Design | Anurag Gupta | Last Updated: 2018-10-23

5 Things To Consider While Designing A Logo For Branding

A logo tells your company's story. Technically logo is just a collection of pixels but in fact, it is vital in company's branding and reflects brand's vision & authenticity. The world's most effective logos, like Google, McDonald's, Coca-Cola etc., reflect a synergy of well-chosen color, fonts, and images that work in perfect harmony to recite their entire brand story in a sleek and concise image. Apart from that, these exemplary logos of big brands are also responsive to flow into any screen resolution and flexible to employ across infinite mediums for effective branding. After studying the most effective logos of all times and the current logo design trends, we've compiled the list of the factors that make a logo potent enough to be the face of the brand and represent it in front of the target audience. Given below is the list of the 5 things that businesses should consider while designing a logo for branding.

The Color Palette

A research by WebPageFX states that more than 80% of the people believe that colors have more chances of increasing brand recognition than any other medium. Each color symbolizes different things and evokes different emotions in the consumers. Thus, choosing the right color palette for the logo is indispensable for branding. Various experts have pointed out on what each color when used in a logo, could represent.

  • Yellow
    The color of the sun, i.e., yellow evokes the feelings of warmth, optimism, and clarity. It stands out and can be used to by brands that want to spread happiness and smile.
  • Red
    The blood pumping red is very powerful, exciting, urgent, and warm. It is also the color of romance. Those in the entertainment industry or the brands that want to show urgency can use red in their logos.Green: The environmental green symbolizes growth, nature, health, and peace. The brands selling health drinks are using green in their logo design to put effort on the healthy side. Even the finance companies also make use of the color green.
  • Blue
    The oceanic blue is the color of the sky too. Like the ocean, blue signifies composure and tranquility but at the same time might and strength. Companies that pride in their quality, professionalism etc., can use blue in the logos.
  • Orange
    The creative and youthful orange manages to grasp the fancy of every passerby. It is provocative, enthusiastic, and attractive. It is great for brands that want to shout that they're not afraid to be the center of attention.
  • Classic Black & White
    The classic and evergreen black and white can be used in logos to show a combination of simplicity and balance. A combination of black and white makes the logo bold and timeless

The Typography

The typography, font, size etc., are the next most important things to consider while creating a logo for branding. Finding the right font that reflects the brand is indispensable for any business. Choose between serif, sans serif, and script font before going into deeper analysis of the font size or type. Keep the readability in mind while selecting the font; you do not want to confuse your audience by complicating everything and creating a mess.

  • Serif : Serif font, used in Sony, is classic and a great fit for those trying to show a professional or traditional vibe.
  • Sans Serif : The sans serif font, used in Google logo, gives a fresh, clean, and modern look to the logo.
  • Script : The script font, used in Coca-Cola, is creative, youthful, casual, and elegant.

The Image

After the color and the font, the logos also have a small image that reflects the brand and gives it a unique identity. Although taking up a small place in the logo, image plays a key role in branding. Getting a logo from a trusted logo designing company can ensure that you get professional images (not stock images) used in your logo design. The image should be scaled down and not be too loud to take up all the attention from the font or colors used unless you are using just the image for your logo design. The top logo designers believe that the image should be shown in action so that it encourages people to act out what you want them to do.

The Responsiveness

The mobile-first approach has taken the digital world by storm and every business is now focusing on getting a responsive website. The logo design should also follow the responsive approach to cater the needs of the mobile audience without any glitch. A responsive logo fits seamlessly into multiple devices and screen resolutions. The changing logo of Google from GOOGLE to just G is a great example of responsive logo design. Walt Disney gave its logo a responsive makeover when they realized that the whole Walt Disney logo with the castle could take up too much space on mobile phones.

The Application & Alternate Usage

One of the most important things to keep in mind while designing a logo for branding is its application and alternate use. Envisioning the logo in the virtual world as well as in reality is crucial to know the effects on real people. The logo would not just be used in the virtual world, on your website, but also be used on various alternate mediums like business cards, company letterhead, billboards, building fronts, t-shirts etc. While designing a logo, consider all the mediums on which the logo would be used and all its alternate uses to ensure that it works effectively on the audience.

These are the top 5 things that can help in designing a logo that tells a story, catches the attention, convey your message and retain in the memory of your audience. In nutshell, with these tips, you can get a logo that can be the most effective tool for the branding. Also, be aware of the common logo design mistakes to make sure that your logo reflects the brand it is representing and effectively leaves a mark on the minds of the audience.

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