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5 Reasons Why Majority Of The Mobile Apps Fail

App Development | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-05-06

5 Reasons Why Majority Of The Mobile Apps Fail

Whether it is about getting together with people, managing finances, getting news of things happening around, buying stuff, or just passing time by playing games, there's an app for everything. One can go to their play store, download the app and get started with getting all the things they need in just a few taps. Mobile applications have certainly simplified the way things work around and the market of mobile apps is skyrocketing. Mobile app developers are transforming new ideas into mobile apps and encashing them.

However, not every app present in different play store has managed to see success. While a number of apps get millions of installs in just a few days, there are others who strive to get even 10 installs even after putting in all the efforts. So, why do a majority of mobile apps fail while only a few succeed? This write-up has the answer to one of the most talked-about questions regarding mobile apps. Let's find the answer.

Incomplete Knowledge Of Market & Audience

How would you feel if you are getting notifications for the upcoming cricket games when truly you are a die-hard football fan? You would stop them right away and pay no heed to them! Same is the case with mobile apps. The biggest reason why a mobile app is not able to make it past the first few hundred downloads is that it hasn't studied and researched the market and audience it is targeting. And its not just the interests, behavior, app use or mobile use pattern of the target audience but if the requirement of such an app in the market and what competition it would have to face are also not researched, the app might see more uninstalls than downloads.

Make It Right

Creating user personas and central demographics for the mobile application is indispensable to make it succeed. Make sure you collect all the important information like the behavior, goals, motivations, etc., of your ideal app user. Also, ensure that there is a demand for such an app in the market before getting application development services for its development.

Same Old, Same Old

How would you feel if your favorite news channel kept showing the same news on repeat all day every day? You might show interest the first few times but eventually, you'll skip the channel and turn to something else! Same is the case with mobile apps. If you are going to feed the audience with something that has been done so many times before that the market is oversaturated with it and audience is already bored of it, they would definitely not show any interest. Apps that lack any kind of originality in the idea or Unique Value Proposition would not attract any type of audience.

Make It Right

The best way to generate originality is to study what problems your users are facing and create an app that acts as a solution for the same. Whatever category you choose, an in-depth research of the competitor apps and their USPs can help in finding something that they all are missing. It would make your app stand out and get more downloads.

Oops! Not The Right Platform

How would you feel if devotional songs started playing in the lounge you went to have some fun and dance the night away? You wouldn't want to listen to those songs and would want to get them changed to the groovy ones! Same is the case with mobile apps. If you want to launch your mobile apps, the platform you choose for the same plays a key role in its success. Like the party-goers would discard devotional songs in the lounge, the users of a specific platform would discard any app that does not meet their preferences. One of the main reasons why people abandon or dislike a particular app is because it does not meet their regular notions of a mobile application. Choosing the wrong platform for your app is a big reason for its failure.

Make It Right

Both iOS and Android platforms have a huge impact on mobile app development as the users of different platforms have different preferences, demographics, engagement & retention, and even device capabilities. It is imperative to understand the user behavior along with the kind of features one needs to lace the app with for finding the right platform.

Unpleasant User Experience

How would you feel if the mobile app you are trying to open doesn't load the content and crash within seconds of opening? You would try 2-3 times and then uninstall it from your phone forever! Same is the case with all mobile apps. Not offering an exceptional user experience is the reason why many mobile applications fail. Be it the loading speed of the site, compulsory sign ups with multiple fields, the navigation buttons, log in for each session, minimum detail fields for offering services, etc., are some of the killers of user experience.

Make It Right

Add speed to your app by removing all unwanted elements. In case, it takes time, offer skeleton screens to keep them interested. Reducing the number of fields, saving forms, auto form fill-ups, interesting yet app demo, main buttons within the thumb region, etc., are some other options to offer a pleasing user experience.

Hasty Launch & Zero Promotion

How would you feel about buying a phone that you have never ever heard of? You wouldn't buy it! Period. Same is the case with all mobile apps. The launch of a mobile app is an important event and even more important is its promotion on different channels. Making a hasty launch without testing the site and ensuring that there are no broken links or blank pages, or products with no images, or pages with no buttons, etc., could be a big reason why the app failed. More so, an app that is not even promoted would stay in the shelves without getting any downloads.

Make It Right

To make sure that your app is a success, launch it with a bang. Make sure the marketing campaigns and strategies are super strong to make everyone feel the need to download it. A number of psychological techniques like the fear of missing out, social proofing, free signups for premium membership, app rewards, etc., can also be used to make your launch successful. A good launch, clubbed with a great marketing strategy, can turn any failure into success.

With a Statista report stating that more than 178 billion mobile apps downloaded in the year 2017 and the number predicted to reach 258.2 billion by 2022, having a mobile application for your business is indispensable in today's world. Not only would it help you reach and target the rapidly growing mobile app user population but would also enable you to tap on new and untouched sources of revenues.

2 thoughts on "5 Reasons Why Majority Of The Mobile Apps Fail"

  • Jane Smith
    08 February, 2022 at 4:10 pm

    Informative article. Mobile app creators should perform A/B testing before making the app to make sure te best possible version of the app is launches


  • Ead vanny
    10 May, 2019 at 6:57 am

    Thanks for the information. I really appreciate your efforts.Stay up the good work!! You realize lots of people hunting round for this info..you will help them greatly..


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