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5 Features To Boost Mobile Conversion On Your E-Commerce Website

Ecommerce | Anurag Gupta | Updated: 2019-04-25

5 Features To Boost Mobile Conversion On Your E-Commerce Website

With people being more and more glued to their mobile devices and taking various important decisions through this device, the mobile consumer base for e-commerce sites has also expanded exponentially. More online shoppers are now turning into mobile shoppers and completing their online sale on their mobile device itself. But these mobile shoppers have much higher expectations from e-commerce sites and would rather get their expectations fulfilled than stay loyal to any particular company.

To boost the loyalty of the mobile shoppers and increase the conversions rate, every mobile e-commerce site owner needs to ensure his/her site is lined with all the functionalities and features that a mobile shopper expects. If increasing conversions and retaining mobile customers is your current goal in e-commerce, go through the five features below and implement them in your mobile e-commerce site now.

Seamless Mobile Site

When talking about mobile conversion, the first thing to take into account is that it should have a seamless mobile-first design. Many e-commerce web design companies offer design approach that will help your e-commerce site fit seamlessly into the mobile screens of your users. As mobile searches have grown in volume compared to desktop searches, prioritizing the mobile design of your e-commerce site is probably the best thing to do right now. The experience that online customers have while browsing your site on their mobile should not differ largely from the experience they have on the desktop site, else it might disrupt the brand consistency. Ensuring that the browsing histories, items saved in carts, order details, wishlisted items, etc., are also saved on their mobile site is also a must to offer the best mobile experience to the customers. A seamless mobile commerce experience is something that can play a crucial role in boosting your mobile conversions.

Speedy Loading

When it comes to online shopping and commerce, more than 52% of the shoppers are loyal to the brand so long as it is loading instantly on their phones. If they are made to wait, more than 14% of these shoppers would not think twice before switching to your competitor seller. Today's shoppers are impatient and with so many options to buy their desired product, their impatience has only escalated. If your site isn't loading within 3 seconds, around 53% of mobile shoppers would rather turn disloyal and move to another site than wait for it to load. The worst part about slow-loading e-commerce sites on mobile platforms is that the data of shoppers, who click open the site but turn away, isn't even collected by any analytics tool, leave alone any dream of conversion. This can be done by optimizing the images, using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), minimizing the usage of third-party scripts, and constantly analyzing the site through speed analyzing tool. Another way is to get started with Accelerated Mobile Pages as they are known to boost the conversions with near-instant loading.

Mobile Wallets Options

Securing online payments is one of the biggest concerns of e-commerce site owners or online vendors. But when it comes to getting higher conversions on the mobile e-commerce site, it is imperative to not just offer a secure payment gateway but to offer ease as well. There are a number of mobile wallets like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, PayPal, etc., that the mobile shoppers are turning to for making online payments. This inclination towards mobile wallets is owing to the amazing discounts and cash backs that they offer. Adding multiple mobile or digital wallets for payments make the checkout process easier and quicker.

CTAs Within Thumb Zone

When trying to boost the conversion of a mobile e-commerce site, the design of the site should be a top concern. And on a mobile website, the thumb zone plays a critical role. A mobile e-commerce site should always be seamlessly interactive with the thumb of the visitor and allow easy access to all the important elements and CTAs on the site. According to a research done by Steven Hoober, 49% of the mobile users make use of a single hand to handle their smartphone while another research by Josh Clark revealed that more than 75% of the interactions made on a mobile device are done by the thumb. Conversions are negatively affected if the main CTAs like Add to Cart, Buy Now, etc., are placed outside the thumb zone where the user would have to stretch the thumb to click. The bottom left or middle of the page should be reserved for the CTAs always to ensure higher conversions.

Well-Placed Trust Elements

Whether one is trying to boost sales on online mediums or reaching out to the target audience directly, gaining their trust is of utmost importance. And when the task is to get more online sales, getting the audience to trust the brand becomes even more challenging. In mobile e-commerce sites, there are a number of trust elements that can be placed at several areas to get quick attention and gain the audiences trust. Placing a small yet distinct company's logo at the top, social media sharing icons at the bottom of each product, company's social media links at the footer, tap to call icon, etc., are some trust elements that you can place well within the sight of the mobile users.

With mobile commerce on the rise, the need for any e-commerce store owner or online merchant to get more conversions and sales has become a hard nut to crack. But by adding the features listed above like excellent mobile performance, speedy loading, mobile wallets, thumb zone, and trust elements can make your e-commerce site gain more conversions in the shortest time.

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