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5 Excellent CTA Tips You Shouldn't Miss

Web Design | Poonam | Updated: 2019-11-20

5 Excellent CTA Tips You Shouldn't Miss

Note: Perusing this blog till the end will fetch you some brilliant results. Besides, you'll be able to spin some money after implementing them on your website.

Its great that you can write catchy headlines, impressive slogans, and add some amazing graphics. But if you forget including the right CTA aka Call to Action, your readers will just remain readers. It is the quality of the website like data-driven information and attractive designs that enhance the value of a website. Many website designers get carried away with the lucrative appearance of the website that includes bright & clear imagery, HQ videos, and much more. That's a major reason why website designing companies keep on developing eye-catchy templates for clients.

Every company or brand wants its website to do well in its marketing campaign. The spine of every marketing campaign remains the call to action. It is part of the marketing campaign that evokes a spark of action and induces people what they should be doing after they click your advert. It can be a chunk of text, sometimes combined with imagery that tells visitors what to do next. CTA can be spotted on the header of a blog post or at the footer. In case it seems a hard nut to crack, allow us to be your nut-crackers for the day and help you understand the importance of CTA.

Be Aplomb While Defining Taglines

While developing CTA, the website designing companies worship the phrase Think Out of the Box. In the world of Contact Us, be someone's Let's Have Some Coffee Together. It is a must because of the cut-throat competition among marketing companies worldwide. However, they tend to commit a mistake by decorating the entire campaign with vague CTA. That's the biggest blunder and here's how:

  • Everyone does not want to Buy a product
  • Everyone is not willing to Submit email address
  • Above, none wants to Order It Now

The answer is simple because these aren't zealous or interesting. Moreover, the connotations they carry do not carry a benefit-focused approach. They aren't evoking zeal but forcibly inducing a customer to take an action. This should be avoided.

Fixing The CTA Sensibly

  • Let's see 2 examples first. Example 1: You visit an electronics shop for purchasing an LED television. Upon entering the store, the salesperson greets you and says that he got some that will suit your preference and start from 23,500 INR. Will you buy it right there without any consideration? An oblivious answer to it will be no. Individuals spend at least an hour checking the specifications and features of an LED TV.
  • Example 2: You visit a fruit shop for purchasing some apples. The seller greets you and tells about the fresh apples, health benefits, and the price of 40 INR/kg. What would be your take on it? Obviously, youll purchase some apples.
  • Noted a difference between the two? The difference lies in marketing skills. Forcibly inducing your potential customer for purchasing a product is an effective idea to lose him/her. Therefore, one should be considerate while planning CTA. Always provide accurate and apt information to your visitors after they click an advert. Determine the complexity and instead of revealing the price of your product/service, educate people about its benefits.

The Advantage of FOMO

  • To be honest, FOMO is the best motivator that evokes an instant spark of action in the mind of a reader. Fear Of Missing Out, shortened as FOMO, is a superb tactic used in several marketing campaigns worldwide. It makes people rethink about the deals & discounts on products that will go off shortly. Some web experts claim it to be bogus but the reality is entirely different. FOMO acts psychologically and when placed in the right place, it can do wonders. People cannot afford to miss out elusive deals, especially during the festive seasons that include Holi, The Indian Independence Day/Republic Day, Navratri, Diwali, and Christmas.

KYD For Best CTA

  • Devices play a key role in marketing campaigns in different ways. Thus, every website designing company today develops CTA customized according to the device on which it is viewed. If a person is switching channels and sees an advert of a particular product, the night thing he/she might do is open the desktop or laptop and surf the internet about it.
  • However, things have changed and there's a significant hike in the activity of using mobiles for the right CTA. This is because a user scrolling a website on the desktop will be acquiring information, whereas, a mobile user will be committed for spontaneous gratification. People see multiple ads while walking down the street and if an advert catches their interest, they whip their cell phones out to know more about it.

One Page-One CTA

  • Always remember the "Golden Rule" of Marketing Done Right. Never complicate things for potential customers with multiple CTA buttons on a single page. This might eliminate the trust factor and prevent them from taking the right call. However, if your website has a long landing page, place CTA buttons accurately where customers are likely to click it for the main thing.

Closing Thoughts

  • CTA, when executed in the right way, can become mighty and do wonders. They not just bring potential customers but magnetize organic traffic as well. If you're reading this line right now, we're sure that you've acquired some basic knowledge about the role of CTA. However, keep in mind that CTA keeps developing, thus, keep visiting us for more knowledge.

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