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5 Different Ways to Approach a Redesign

Web Design | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-07-25

5 Different Ways to Approach a Redesign

Redesigning a website takes a lot of thinking and creativity. This may sometimes involve more efforts than designing a new website altogether. Almost every web designer is asked to redesign a website at some point of time in his career. Redesigning can be referred to as providing a new shape and structure to an existing website. Sometimes it involves a change in the design or sometimes a change in the content or its placement. There are 5 simple ways to approach a redesign which can be listed as:

  • Restructuring The Content - In this approach of redesigning, the design of the website is left pretty much the same and change is made only in the structure of the content on the site. If you are satisfied with the content of your website and feel that the flow of content needs to be changed then you can go for the option of restructuring.
  • Realignment With The Latest - Many times redesigning involves looking back towards the original goals and purposes of creating the site and ensuring that it does not loose relevance. Sometimes, a designer is required to consider the changes that have taken place in the web and realign the website based on those patterns.
  • Rebranding - It is not only restricted to the website but may involve redesigning in every bit of your brand. This provides a completely new way of branding your website as well as your brand.
  • Rethinking On The Content & Design - While redesigning a website, you may need to do rethinking on the design, structure and content to ensure that the very purpose of creating the website is essentially met.
  • Mix & Match - Sometimes just one approach is not sufficient to fulfill the purpose of redesign and you might have to go for a combination of two or more approaches. Whether you just want to update some content or completely re-imagine, your site is up to your discretion but wisely using a combination of approaches is the best way to go. Knowing your objectives and keeping your mindset clear regarding the approach to a redesign always works.

Thus, the above mentioned approaches can simplify the daunting task of redesigning a website and help you to come up with the most effective redesign.

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