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Zen Cart Web Development

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Zen Cart: To Give Your Online Shop A New & Feature-Rich Look

Branched out from osCommerce in 2003, Zen Cart is a free open-source shopping cart that is based on PHP. Owing to its support for all languages and currencies, this shopping cart has increasingly gained popularity among the online merchants for creating a fresh and feature-rich e-commerce website. With Zen Cart development, you get a website that empowers your business to surge ahead in the competitive world. Zen Cart Developers at WeblinkIndia analyze your business needs to deliver unique solutions that help in engaging the customers and fetching maximum ROI.

Our Zen Cart Development Services

Zen Cart Customization

Do you need Zen Cart customization to make your website stand at par with the ones most visited? Well, acquire our Zen Cart customization services and your problem is solved. We built the finest modules to expand your site’s features. The custom features and improvements that we could possibly deliver to your website are uncountable, thanks to Zen Cart for its credibility.

Zen Cart Custom Template and Theme Development

As the first impression is the last, acquire our Zen Cart development services to get a unique custom built Zen Cart template which will attract customers on your website. We design responsive templates for your websites, which are compatible for mobile devices and adaptable to any screen size. We deliver not what is available, but that which is the best!

Zen Cart Website Maintenance & SEO.

A customer spends just 7 seconds to realize the speed of your website and if it is taking more time to load, then oops, you just lost one customer. Making your website worthwhile for users, generating the optimum search engine traffic and maintaining it with content-rich and tech-driven pages are what we are good at. Acquire our Zen Cart website management & SEO services and elevate your website’s ranking!

Zen Cart Design Integration

If you are looking for a well-designed, attractive and yet a navigation-friendly website, then we are the right pick. With our Zen website design services, we design websites to make them precise and catchy by omitting what is unnecessary and publishing the necessary features in a well-framed manner. Our impeccably skilled staff and their design integration services can reshape your website and make it appealing enough to attract more customers.

Zen Cart Custom Modules Development

Since, Zen Cart doesn’t come with all the modules pre-installed, what the developers at this Zen Cart development company do is install or build the required modules in your website to make it a faster, engaging and a customer-friendly E-commerce online shopping hub. With the right combination of Zen Cart modules and plugins, your website will be convincing for customers, for which you can leverage upon our Zen Cart custom modules development services.

Why Choose Zen Cart For Your E-Commerce Site?


Multiple Display Modes

By using Zen Cart’s multiple display modes, you can easily make your websites, multi-functional and attractive. The social media tool of Zen Cart enables the users to smoothly log in through any social medium. Zen Cart’s multiple display modes help you to test multiple designs and browsers and select the one that suits you the best.


Multiple Customer Modes

By using Zen Cart website design, you can enable multiple users to log in and navigate through your website simultaneously. A Zen cart’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model provides web access to multiple customers on one instance and yet keeps every user’s data invisible to others.


Multi-Lingual Support

The localization features of Zen Cart e-commerce development enables users to translate the interfaces into different languages, making the software compatible globally. This user-dedicated tool eases up the job of selling products in the specific area. Plus, the translation can be carried out in the customer’s own server.


Multiple Shipping Options

Are you looking for multiple shipping options in your website? Well, with our Zen Cart Development solutions, your website will contain multiple shipping options such as zone-based shipping, priority shipping, express shipping, regular shipping etc. By installing multiple shipping options in your catalog site, you will surely attract more and more customers.


Multiple Payment Options

If you are looking for multiple payment options in your website, then we can make that happen. With Zen Cart’s super flexibility configuration menu, we can enable multiple payment options in your website, thus enabling customers to pay using different currencies; and through different payment systems like the PayPal, internet banking, or transaction cards.


Multiple Sales And Discounts

By displaying multiple sales and discounts’ options with Zen Cart, luring the customers is as easy as pie. Zen Cart’s discount mechanism displays the discounts directly on the shopping cart page instead of the checkout page, thus instantly notifying the customers about the special sale reduction and prices, as soon as they pile items up their carts.


Gift Certificates

By offering gift certificates to customers, you not only strengthen their trust but entice them to shop with you again. You must draw attention to gift certificates on your E-commerce online shopping store either by creating homepage graphics linking it to the gift certificates’ category in your website, or by creating a new sidebox; and with our Zen Cart Development solutions, make it happen without any inconvenience!


Extra Pages

You can easily add extra pages in your website by using Zen Cart. Whether you want to add or edit a page of global information or a page where you publish your own definitions, with Zen Cart’s add/ remove/ edit page option, you can make your Zen Cart store more informative and attractive!


Featured Products

With Zen Cart e-commerce development solutions, you can add featured products in your catalog and draw your customers’ attention to the items on sale. You can easily assign the availability or expiry date for a featured product or remove/ add a new product.


Multiple Ad Banner Controllers

With Zen Cart web development, you can enable multiple ad banner controllers to smartly control and manage your ad banners. You can choose to enable or disable any banner, and select the banner styles and sizes in accordance with your layout.


Xhtml 1.0 Compliant Template System

Zen Cart at WeblinkIndia is an XHTML 1.0 compliant template system, which is easy to use and utilizes a nearly table-less layout. You can easily change graphics or color fonts using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) and remove sideboxes. During upgradation, its configuration changes do not get overwritten, which makes it user-friendly.


PhpBB Integration Through External Module

Zen Cart development in India supports the integration of the website to PHPBB through different external modules like social login plug-in etc. Users who are currently using PHPBB can also get accounts in WordPress and vice-versa. We can customize the integration settings according to your requirements by just using an effective drag and drop interface, making it simple and interactive!


Unlimited Category Depth

With Zen Cart CMS customization, you can add unlimited categories and products to your website. The unlimited category depth feature of Zen Cart also enables you to edit categories, images, products, and user’s review data. You can easily restore your data in your Zen Cart customization database.


Newsletter Manager

OThe developers at this Zen Cart development company possess expertise in managing newsletters. Our Zen Cart developers design, edit and manage newsletters in ways that attract more users. From showing subscription, links via sideboxes to subscribers’ email address confirmation tool, we will take care of everything with precision as per the need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
about Zen Cart Web Development

Zen Cart is an open-source e-commerce platform based on the PHP/MySQL combination. It offers an easy-to-use interface, extensive customization through templates and modules, and is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.
Zen Cart provides more flexibility and customization options compared to hosted solutions like Shopify. While WooCommerce integrates seamlessly with WordPress for content-focused sites, Zen Cart is a standalone e-commerce solution with a wide range of customization possibilities.
Zen Cart offers a range of features such as a user-friendly admin interface, multiple payment and shipping options, support for various currencies and languages, extensive customization through templates and modules, and a community-driven platform.
While Zen Cart is user-friendly, beginners might face a learning curve due to its customization options and configuration settings. However, with some guidance and resources, beginners can effectively set up and manage a Zen Cart store.
To start with Zen Cart web development, you need to download and install Zen Cart, configure basic settings, choose a suitable template or theme, add products and categories, set up payment and shipping options, and optimize your store for better performance and SEO.
Zen Cart is community-supported and regularly updated with new releases, bug fixes, and security patches to improve features, stability, and security.

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