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Multi-Vendor E-commerce

Sell Non-Stop With A Power-Packed Multi-Vendor Marketplace
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Multi-Vendor Marketplace: Single Storefront, Multiple Vendors’ Products

Creating an online marketplace has its own set of challenges and specific requirements that only expert ecommerce designers and developers can fulfill. Unlike an ecommerce website, a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace needs to sell the products of multiple vendors across different verticals and manage a larger product catalog while also catering the needs of visitors belonging to different niches. The best multi-vendor ecommerce platforms allow the merchants to set up their store quickly to bring together multiple vendors for selling their products online. WeblinkIndia offers the best multi-vendor ecommerce platform solutions for launching online marketplace. Whether you are planning to build a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace for digital goods, online/offline services, versatile products catalog, or any other type of product/service. We are experts in creating a fully-functional online marketplace that sells.

What Makes Us Better Than The Rest?

Launch Your Multi-Vendor E-commerce Platform With Us

Single Platform For Multiple Vendor

We create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace platform that allows multiple wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, exporters, etc. to list their products on your E-commerce platform & benefit from a large amount of traffic. The multi-vendor ecommerce website lets the vendors manage their product orders, shipping, and returns under your domain & share shopping cart.

Native Android App To Drive Sales

Close to 50% of websites traffic comes from mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, cellular devices, etc. Users are spending hours on Apps, which opens up a huge marketing channel for the enterprises looking to sell their products. Keeping it in mind, we offer a feature-rich Native Android App to facilitate the sales.

Website Dynamism

From managing product categories & pagination to controlling how the same product from different merchants will appear to the visitors; as a multi-vendor E-commerce Platform owner, you get full flexibility with features to empower the merchants while keeping the control in your hands.

Creative Freedom With Design

With our multi-vendor marketplace, you get endless customization options to enhance the look, feel, and performance of your website. The freedom to be creative with design let you move beyond the restrictions of a fixed template and expand the functionality of your multi-vendor platform as per need.

More Security

Supported by a fully customizable encrypted code, we offer the best multi-vendor e-commerce platforms that are hack-proof & can be guarded further with an additional layer of protection depending upon the needs of a business.

Frequent Analytics

A Multi-vendor E-commerce platform is a treasure trove of information. We configure your site to capture and process all the data to provide you a quick insight into the details about your customers. With this, you get to understand your business better and accordingly bring in customizations.

Multi-Vendor E-commerce Platform- Business Profit Model

What We Offer To The Start-Ups

Free Technical Assistance

With us, there is no need to worry about the technology. We make sure our clients gain maximum success in their venture by investing the minimum.

Software Innovations

We work round the clock and make software improvements for free to enhance the look, feel, and functionality of your website.

No Compromises

With us, there is no need to worry about the technology. We make sure our clients gain maximum success in their venture by investing the minimum.

Software Innovations

We offer our clients 1-year free hosting service with 2GB server space and 5 E-mail accounts.

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