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Static Web Design

Static Web Design

When you want your message to reach the target market by means of a simple yet effective channel, Static Websites are the best. There is no flamboyance in designs, no flashy content and nothing of the sort that you find stunning, yet Static Websites have a distinct appeal and a professional structure. They never distract the visitor and rather communicate in a straight forward manner.

Weblinkindia.Net, in its existence of over 17 years in the Web Development Industry, has created some of the most effective and economical Static Websites for small and medium enterprises. Our forte lies in successfully translating novel ideas into web designs such that the businesses can grow through strong online presence. Our Static Websites have all those features that help you drive up your conversion rates. We also offer customized Web Solutions to meet your exact business requirements.

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Static Web Design Plans

Plan- I

Price :

INR 14,500 / USD 290

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Plan- II

Price :

INR 18,500 / USD 370

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Plan- III

Price :

INR 25,000 / USD 500

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Why Choose Us?

  • We design simple yet powerful Static Websites
  • Our designs are novel and unique
  • We are masters in SEO techniques
  • Our web designs assure high conversion rates
  • We are available 24*7 with Live Help Desk Support
  • Our price quotes are the best in the industry
  • Our experience of more than 15 years is our strength
  • Our solutions are innovative and tailored for your exact requirements

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Web Development Testimonials - More Testimonials

" The kind of project delivered by WeblinkIndia is exceedingly great in every aspect then be it look and feel, overall appeal, ecommerce integration, or administration of the website. A single glance of images gives real time feel that bodes well for our revenue generation. We're very happy with the s "


" WeblinkIndia is true the webmaster, having the power to materialize a concept, right from visualization to effective implementation. Each and every tool, equipped in website, is supported by concerted knowledge and righteous utilization. "

Gautam Ratnabhas

Features of a Great Small Business Website:

  1. Know your target audience and Set clear goals on every page

    The prerequisite to designing a great small business website is to know your target audience and its exact requirements. This should be followed by creating separate web pages such as Home Page, About Us Page, Product Page, etc. strategically tailored to meet the goals they are designed for.

  2. Simple Navigation to provide easy access every page

    Websites where users cannot locate the navigation links easily have high bounce rates; visitors don't want to stay on such websites and more importantly, their chances of returning to such problematic websites are feeble. So design a website that has simple, intuitive navigation for a rich user experience.

  3. High Resolution Product Images to give clear presentation

    The clarity of product images influences the buying behavior. It is advisable to use High Resolution Product Images that show your merchandise with absolute clarity. The impact of attractive images may be a defining factor in converting the visitor into customer.

  4. Detailed and Engaging Product Info to attract customer

    You must be very judicial in rendering product information on your website. Too little information will not serve the purpose, and excessive detailing may make the site complicated. Present the most important features of your offerings with clarity, conciseness, accuracy, and in an interesting manner.

  5. Call to Action button and information

    One of the most important elements in the structure of a website, a Call to Action button prompts the visitor to take an immediate action be it for enquiry purpose or to book an appointment, etc. This is one way you ensure that your visitors remember your business even after they leave the website.

  6. The Value Of Content

    Content is valuable and serves multiple functions. It may be aimed at image building, brand promotion, product/service promotion or simply selling something. Whatever the objective be, your website should have an engaging content that communicates your message effectively. You must not splurge excessive details for that may offset the visitor and, on the other hand, the content should not be too short to be complete.

  7. Create easy points of contact.

    If your want the visitors to contact you when they visit the website, provide clearly visible contact information through easy points of contact. Strategically place buttons like call to action, request more information, contact forms, or visit your location, etc. to ensure that visitors don't have to search long for options to get in touch with you.

  8. Provide Testimonials:

    Testimonials bring in credibility factor and instill confidence in the visitors' mind. So, get a testimonial page in your website to influence the perception of those who come to your website. Including success stories can also give great results.

  9. Integrate Social Media

    Social media today defies all boundaries and connects people across all countries, communities, industries, etc. If you can enable the visitors to connect with you on popular Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. it gives you competitive edge. Your prospects will be able to learn more about your and connect with your existing customers.

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  • " The nicely designed web pages, attractive flash presentation and over all look & feel of the website have really served the purpose of our business. WeblinkIndia's excellent command over technological aspects has provided us a web presence, which has further facilitated... "


  • " Right from the conception to the materialization, my each and every idea has been nourished with due care by WeblinkIndia. Now, with the new outreach I feel empowered to face any kind of upcoming challenge. Throughout the project handling, I saw not even a singly point ... "

    Geeta's Creations

  • " FANTASTIC WORK! You can't go wrong by choosing WeblinkIndia for outsourcing your web design needs. This web design team is creative & also understands your business. "


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  • " Managing trips & perks for the tourists has never been so exhilarating as we have touched the highest ebbs in our endeavors. WeblinkIndia has built the most effective web solution that helped us in serving more clients and maintaining rapport with the existing clients. "

    Royal International Travel

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