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General Terms

Domain name is a part of Domain Name System (DNS) with which the identity of a website is separated from the others on the World Wide Web. In order to establish identity on the World Wide Web, you generally choose a Name that represents either your business, or your family name, or anything else, which acts as your Calling Card on the web.

Every domain name represents a set of numbers called an IP address. For example, your IP address is So, you could type that number into your web browser's address bar, or simply type your domain name. Either entry will take you to your website.
Universal Resource Locator is the Address of a Document or File (resource) on the internet. The first part of the URL describes the protocol to be used and the second part specifies the domain name followed by the name of File/Resource to be referred.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international industry consortium dedicated to "Leading the web to its full potential". The consortium develops protocols and guidelines for smooth functioning of the Web.
Web Hosting is a service that allows website owners to make their website accessible on the Internet. In its Web Hosting Service, WeblinkIndia allocates an agreed amount of space on its web servers for client's website. We can offer 100MB to 2GB web space, depending on how bulky your website is. WeblinkIndia also offers dedicated servers for web hosting service, as per the specific needs of its clients.
Diskspace, also known as storing size, is the size on web server's hard disk occupied by your website. Your web hosting company provides you an agreed amount of diskspace on its web server for storing your web pages/data. Bandwidth or Transfer is the rate of transfer of your web data that your web host's server allows to send in a month. Such transfers are generally computed in gigabytes - billions of bytes.
Website usability is directly associated with the user experience. Whenever a visitor lands on your website, he browses through it to serve the purpose of his visit. The ease with which he browses across your website, leading to the destination he had in mind, is termed as user-friendliness. WeblinkIndia is known for its proficiency in making user-friendly websites that ensure the comfort of your visitors.

Web page is referred to as static when it comprises of features for one-way interaction with the users. The data appearing on such pages remains same for every user i.e. its look, feel and design does not get changed as per user's input. On the contrary, web page is referred to as dynamic when its features allow a two-way communication with the users. In other words, dynamic designs are exclusively made to facilitate interaction, as per user's input.

Website Designing & Development Related

Owning a website does not necessitate your business to be computer-based. A website is merely way to generate more business and reach out to potential clients, irrespective of any geographical limitations. Hence, any refurbishment in your business's functioning is not essential in connection to website owning.
WeblinkIndia is a decade old ISO 9001:2000 certified organization, specializing in rendering client-centric web solutions. The functioning of WeblinkIndia has been fuelled by highly creative and qualified professionals, state of the art technologies, and world-class infrastructure that empower it to design & develop highly interactive solutions for its clients.

Each member, at WeblinkIndia, works for excellence, which is the mainstay of its innovative services to survive in the competitive market. The projects, undertaken by us, are flawlessly delivered within the stipulated timeframe. Being a trusted partner of a number of clients, WeblinkIndia has been frequently approached by them for their web-based requirements.
An aesthetically designed and well-developed website is of no use until it goes live on the World Wide Web. To broadcast your website, you just need to contact a "Hosting Provider" who with the help of a computer which is physically connected to the World Wide Web will make your web pages live. Get in touch with us for hosting your site.
Yes, you can choose us for the designing of your website and can choose your own hosting services. But, you should have necessary equipment and the apt skill sets to host your own website.
In order to offer maximum ease to you throughout the development process, we prefer to communicate through email, telephone, or VOIP. Hence, we avoid conducting any meeting as per your comfort. However, in certain desired cases, where face-to-face interaction is indispensably necessary, we first seek your approval then line up a formal meeting.
The time taken for a website, to be designed, depends on the type of website as well as the functionality involved. The time duration would be specified to you after the entire deliverables have been finalized. However, we are always directed towards fulfilling your requirement as per your deadlines.
A poor chain of communication often hinders the timely delivery of any website project. It is an observed fact that delays in the submission of curial web data i.e. texts or images to Website Development Company leads to the delay in the deliverables of final web presentation. At times a change in the initial deliverables, add-ons etc. can also result in delay. It is always best that the communication be kept on regular basis and all mails / phone calls be responded to without deferment.
Of course, Yes. As per the current needs and trends, we can restructure or redesign your existing website. In fact, this would not cost you as much as building a website from scratch would cost.
Yes. In fact, online platform provides you with the best opportunities to showcase your products and services online. Moreover, it is likely that many of your competitors are already having a website and catering to the clients on internet, quite efficiently. And, as the usage of internet is increasing, so is its reach expanding. This furthers the generation of more enquiries from your potential buyers.

It is also mandatory to keep in mind that your business will need to be re-evaluated in terms of prices, taxes, and modes of delivery involved in e-commerce.
Absolutely, online platform offer you many ways to accept credit cards. Merchant accounts & Escrow services are a few ways to make this possible.
On ecommerce website, designed by us, we can integrate the most commonly used payment gateways. We suggest you to keep the shipping instructions simple and to use common payment gateway providers.

We are always open to have a discussion with you and aid you during the integration process. You may your own specific request while integration of payment gateways, but then it may take some time to go through the specific case. Studying a specific case can result in changing the website delivery date, rather than what actually was defined on the start of the project.
An account established with a banking agency that enables a user to process credit card payments for transactions online is called as a Merchant Account. It is not mandatory to have a merchant account in order to sell your commodities online. But, if you are serious about your ecommerce, then WeblinkIndia will surely suggest you to set up a Merchant Account.
This may vary from business to business and the amount of information necessary to be displayed, in order to effectively promote your business online. In case, you have to display a wide array of products, then incorporating a database in your website can be beneficial for you. Including a database in a web design can also be valuable, when you need to update or change your content time and again.

We will have a detailed conversation with you and help you in deciding if you need a database or not. We will tell you how this will actually work and tailor your website design as per your needs.

Web Promotion

Search engine optimization is a vital part of our web development. It helps in drawing maximum quality traffic towards the website. Our search engine friendly website design conforms to the search engine guidelines. As search engines keep on altering their rules and regulations over time, it is ideal to get your website re-evaluated. This keeps your website updated and in sync with the new rules.
Free or paid, you can advertise your website in many ways. Some of the common methods of drawing quality web traffic towards your website can be:
  • Banner Exchange Programs
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Classified Ads
  • E-zine Advertising
By the above-mentioned methods, you can effectively promote your website. But make sure that your website is properly indexed and programmed.
All the websites designed by us are submitted to Google, Yahoo! and DMOZ. As per the current web promotion strategies, our SEO professionals optimize your website & then submit it to Google and other search engines.
Providing your business information in an electronic format, like, the words in MS word, Notepad, and many more and the files output by a digital camera can offer great help to us. In addition, if you cannot manage to provide us with requisite relevant information then we can assist you in assimilation of information to use on your website.

Web Maintenance

When we design a website, we render complete assistance for maintenance of your website as well as provide solutions to the clients, if they encounter any troubles or require any enhancements. With our web maintenance services, your website never gets out dated and is always able to retain the web traffic.
In order to keep a website looking fresh and up-to-date, Site maintenance plays a vital part. When you have your own website, it gets mandatory to modify the content, add or delete irrelevant content. For e.g. updating news regarding any launch of your company, updating company's news, new products, vacancies available, corporate information and staffing changes.

To suit your specific maintenance need of the clients and managing their website, we at WeblinkIndia.NET provide reliable web site maintenance solutions with maintenance agreements.
Depending on the actual need of your website and the major business it is going to generate for you, we can recommend to you a plan for frequently updating your website.

Content plays a critical role for optimization and fresh and unique content decides the fate of the website and its ranking. Like, if you are running a small business brochure website, then you may require updating content later sometime, in a year or two. Besides, you may also require adding couple of notes on the news page of your website.

And for websites, especially designed for trade like e-commerce or database websites, it might be necessary to update or add content more frequently, therefore obligatory provisions are prepared to accommodate these changes in the start itself.

Getting in touch with our optimization experts can be of great help to you. You can learn from them about the relevance of getting new information and which way is the best to do it, especially how to avoid problems regarding the code and content in order to optimize your website.
No Ways. It is your web space and it is entirely yours - no one can display their ads on your site except you.
A dedicated IP is not obligatory, for most of the people. But for clients who want to provide anonymous FTP or a website using SSL, a dedicated IP can render ease.
Customers can manage their own mail online through the webmail facilities offered by us. It is possible through a link just like https://www.weblinkindia.net/webmail/
Our customers can also get timely updates concerning their domain & hosting renewals and up gradation details. This is possible through the reminder system installed by us.

Packages & Payment

At present, we accept payment by:

  • Cheque
  • Demand Draft
  • Net Banking
  • Bank Deposits
  • Credit Card

For further details, please visit www.weblinkindia.net/ccard

We provide you excellent packages with which, you can kick start your online presence and give a new dimension to your business. With all our fixed static website packages, we provide free Domain, Webspace and SEO. Our prices are very nominal in comparison with any of the service providers. We believe in building long lasting client relationships by providing them with the best package in minimum investment.
At any point of time, you can upgrade your plan. Just contact us once and we will assist you with the up gradation process.

Security Tips

Making payment through Credit Cards is absolutely safe on our websites. Empowered with SSL Technology, our payment gateway receives credit card information with 128 Bit Encryption. This is the safest and the most trustworthy way to make online transactions. Additionally, there is Zero Scope of Hacking of credit card information on our websites, as we do not store such information with us.
Whenever moving for online purchases, you should check the little �¢â�¬��Lock�¢â�¬â�¢ icon on the bottom of your web browser. This icon indicates that your personal information will be kept confidential and protected by secure encryption while the same is sent over the internet. As an alternative, you can also check this by moving you cursor on web page and clicking the right-click button of mouse and selecting the �¢â�¬��Properties�¢â�¬â�¢ from menu. And now, if the web address starts with "https" where an 's' denotes a secure web server, then it is safe for online purchases.
Online purchases usually necessitate shopper to » log-in « before placing or viewing an order. For this, shoppers are required to fill in and proceed with a username and a password.

The shoppers must not share their password with anyone. Information like birth date, maiden name or phone number should be avoided while selecting any password. The password chosen at a particular site should be different from the passwords kept at other site. It is always suggested to keep alpha-numeric password with at least 8 letters in it.

Contact Us

You can send us your feedback/suggestions/complaints in many ways. Just fill the contact us form or generate a ticket & same will be received by us. Then, we will revert to you with an immediate response as soon as possible.

At present, we accept payment by:

  • Cheque
  • Demand Draft
  • Net Banking
  • Bank Deposits
  • Credit Card

For further details, please visit www.weblinkindia.net/ccard

There are numerous ways to contact us.

  • Our customers can contact us at any time through our dedicated phone lines.
  • The customers can even contact us by sending their online query. We assure that we will get back to them within 24 hours.
  • Our lines for USA & Canada are toll free.
  • Customers can have a live chat at weblinkindia.net

Site Management - Technical Aspects

A standard network protocol that transfers file from one host like a local PC to another host i.e. your web server is called as File Transfer Protocol. The users can choose from numerous free ftp software programmes that can allow them to update their web pages at any hour of the day.

As soon as a hosting package is purchased, we get the "ftp details" that consists of the host name, password and User ID. And when the website gets completed and receipt of payment is received by us for any work done, these ftp details are sent to the clients.

For making an FTP connection, you will require the following information:

  1. FTP Hostname (you may use any domain name in the current package)
  2. User name
  3. Password

A user can choose from many easy to use FTP programs, which are accessible for purchase or as freeware. The most usually used programs are:

CuteFTP: Providing a user-friendly Windows interface, CuteFTP simplifies FTP programs and gives ease to the user by Lessoning!!!! reducing command-line utility complications. Apart from this, a novice PC user can be benefitted from CuteFTP as it offers them the ability to upload, download and edit files on remote FTP servers.

FileZilla: One of the most powerful FTP-client for Windows NT4, 2000 and XP is FileZilla. Supporting many unique features, this fast as well as reliable application is basically for rendering ease to the user.

WISE-FTP: For allowing users to download and upload files from any FTP server, WISE-FTP, a client-software is used.

WS_FTP: As a very popular FTP client, WS_FTP Professional 2007 offers its clients, the following benefits for securely transferring files:

  • Lightning fast transfer speed
  • Industry leading security
  • Time saving automation features

Generally, connection failures are a consequence of making small errors, while typing the host address or user name/password. Once checked and rectified properly, the problems persistent to connection failures can be solved.

Logon Failure, so Quitting

Your FTP access to that web space may be blocked.

This may arise due to the billing maters or if an error occurs in the permission setting of that account. So, for solving the matters arising out of this reason, please contact Weblink support.

Invalid FTP user name/password entered.

The cases related to error made, while entering user name/password are sensitive and can affect the connection, if not taken care of. So, to solve this problem, just go on the FTP Account page, there you can see configuration menu, just copy/paste the details. No problem will occur now and you can access your web space without any hassles.

Incorrect host name in the setup of this connection

Once you have registered the domain, ascertain that the domain is ready (Domain registrations take minimum of 24 hours).

Mailing lists allows a user to collect names and addresses for sending mail to a multiple recipients. This means that once a user has established a Mailing List address and added members to the list, he can send an e-mail to the Mailing List address, and the e-mail will be received by the entire group of members. Also, as per the settings chosen by you, all members or anyone can write to the list, thereby acknowledging the entire group at once.
The comma-separated values (or CSV; also known as a comma-separated list or Comma-Separated Variable) a simple text file format that stores tabular data. If we look back to the days of mainframe computing, the most commonly used formats on all computer platforms were CVS file format.

Comma separated variable is one execution of a delimited text file, in which commas are used to separate the field values.
For accessing e-mail messages from a remote server, POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are used. On an IMAP server, e-mail retrieval and storage can be manipulated by using an e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook) from different PC's without the requirement of transferring messages or files to and fro between the computers. This is probable as the messages get stored on the IMAP server, not like the POP3, in which it is requisite to download the entire messages on the PC.

But, what acts as a major advantage of IMAP is that it enables users to establish IMAP folders on the server. And then, the Incoming mail can be structured into the correct folder. Especially, when the IMAP e-mail account is shared by more than one user, IMAP server plays a vital role.
Credit cards cannot be processed on shared hosting packages and managed servers. The credit card industry necessitates users to have a PCI Data Security Standards certification to allow processing of credit cards on your site. PCI Data Security Standards Security certification cannot be acquired on shared hosting packages and managed servers, due to security reasons. This certification can only be availed on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.

Depending on your services, you can avail other payment methods such as bank transfers or pay on delivery.
A file placed in your web space that appears next to the URL in the web browser is called favicon or favicon.ico. Stored in an icon format, the file is an image that is 32 x 32 or 16 x 16 pixels.

.tgz means .tar.gz, which means the file is a 'tar' (Tape Archive) file that has been zipped.

  1. A. You need to download and install a tool for decompressing the file namely WinRAR.
    WinRAR can be downloaded from: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
    Windows OS users can download "WinRAR 3.50"
    Mac OS users can download "RAR 3.50 for MacOS X"
    (Note: You may need to purchase the software, after the trial period is over)
  2. Run the WinRAR Program.
  3. Click File -> Open Archive.
  4. Go to the location where you have .tgz/.gz file. Select the file and click Open.
  5. Select the location where you want the extracted file to be saved. Click OK.
  6. Now, the file has been extracted. So, with the help of Notepad/Wordpad, you can view that file.

The most common HTTP error codes and their meanings:

  1. 401: Authorization Required

    This error code means, to view the particular page, the user requires a special access. When you try to open a web page with limited access, you may see the "401 - Authorization Required" error message.

    Solution: Surely, have a user name and password.

  2. A) 403: Forbidden

    When a file is not rightly configured, this error message is displayed (The file needs to be set with "read permissions" for all users.)

  3. A) 404: Page not found

    This error suggests that no web page exists with the name specified by the user at the web site. This may happen because of variety of reasons:

    1. The document no longer exists.
    2. May be the name has been changed.
    3. Might be the document is moved to some other place.

    Solution: Request the site again by Decreasing/going back one level, i.e. by deleting the last part of the address up to the next line ("/"). This may help you to find out the whereabouts of the document that you are searching. Call ONLY the Domain name, if that does not function.

    For instance: http://www.domain-of-your-choice.com/directory/example.html no longer exists. Try (1st step): http://www.domain-of-your-choice.com/directory/ and (2nd step): http://www.domain-of-your-choice.com/

  4. 500: Internal server error (Bad Script Request)

    1. The script, running on the server, could not be executed. This message gets displayed, for instance, if a Perl script is either syntactically not right or the rights put into practice were not allotted.
    2. Within the folder, there is a .htaccess file where the domain name/page is held, or within a previous directory, and this file is not configured rightly and, as such, stopping the running of the Apache web server for your space.

    Solution: The script's syntactic correctness needs to be examined and amended, if you have the essential access rights.

A 404 error message gets displayed when your domain points to a non-existing directory.

When a web server is not able to locate the folder on your site (listed below) and as of now the web server does not know what to do, then it displays the 403 error message.
As soon as the domain name is entered, the server searches in the folder for the first page to display and if it exists, then the site will open.

Some of the customary file names and their priorities on Linux Shared Hosting Packages:

index.html index.htm default.htm index.shtml
home.cgi home.shtml index.php3 welcome.html
home.html index.cgi home.wml index.wml
index.php4 home.php4    

Some of the accepted file names and their priorities on Microsoft Shared Hosting Packages:

default.asp home.html index.asp home.htm
default.htm default.aspx index.html default.html
home.asp home.aspx index.htm index.aspx

Once you have acquired any one of these files, please ascertain that the file names are case-sensitive and a frequent error is to have "Index", which can cause this error.

This may be the outcome of following reasons:

  1. If "Error 400" gets displayed on your website and you are not able to operate your e-mail then this usually means that your account has been frozen by our billing department. Normally, when we don't receive payment from your end, we close your e-mail for the time being. The billing team will only be able to remove the hold on your contract and all will be backup and functioning in around 3 - 5 hours, under normal circumstances.
    All your files will be intact and your domain name(s) is/are secure. However you will need to get in touch with the billing department, for getting your site and e-mail working again.

  2. Your website will be automatically frozen, if you cross your monthly traffic limit and if we don't have a valid Credit Card on file for you. If you still want to reactivate your site, you have an option of buying an additional traffic amount.
Often used as an e-mail marketing tool, an auto-responder is a computer program that enables a user to automatically generate customized responses, whenever an e-mail is received by a specific e-mail address.

If you are off for a vacation, unavailable, and still want to your customers to know that you have got their e-mail, then you can set up an auto-responder for this purpose.

An individual responder can be implemented for each e-mail address carrying a suitable message of up to 1000 characters.
PHP is a web scripting language that is used to build dynamic web pages containing interactive features that greatly enhance the functionality of simple HTML files. PHP5 is run as a default starting Q3 2010 by our Servers. When accessed via browser, the files with the extension .php will be parsed by the webhosting server. By using text editor such as WordPad, Notepad, vi, nano, etc., PHP pages can be created. These pages must be named properly with .php extension. To construct the page regular HTML tags are used and wherever PHP code is needed, PHP tags are used.
Netscape has developed a programming language namely JavaScript that writes commands to your browser, when HTML page is loaded.

Embedded as a small program in a web page, JavaScript is interpreted and executed by the web browser. JavaScript functions can be called from within a web document, often carried out by mouse functions, buttons, or other actions from the user. JavaScript can also be used to completely control Netscape and Microsoft web browsers, including all the known browser attributes.

To handle the management of MySQL over the web, a tool written in PHP has been developed that is known as phpMyAdmin. Available in 47 languages, this tool can be used to:

  • Create/drop/alter tables
  • Delete/edit/add fields
  • Implement any SQL statement
  • Systemize keys on fields
  • Handle privileges
  • Export data into various formats
Subdomains enable a user to segregate the website content into multiple sections by using a prefix in the existing domain name. Functioning as a fully operating site, each subdomain is created under the primary domain account. It is the perfect gateway for guiding recurrent visitors directly to their destination.
For mapping domain names to IP addresses and vice-versa, DNS i.e. Domain Name Server has been developed. DNS manages central lists of IP addresses/domain names and charts the domain names in your internet requests (Internet Explorer Address Bar) to the rest servers on the internet, until the particular website is found.
An automated process that functions at predefined time intervals is known as cron job. These are useful for allocating tasks that your PC automatically performs at the particular time. For instance backing up your website every fortnight, updating databases every month, or sending automated e-mails at specified times.

Cron jobs are incorporated with the Linux Business and Developer Shared Hosting packages as well as Managed Servers.
A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the foremost line of protection against online intruders. It is one such protocol that can convey your messages (communications) over the Internet in an encrypted form. An SSL Certificate makes sure that the content transferred remains unchanged and reaches only to the intended server. This technology is frequently used by E-Commerce sites for safeguarding their credit card information.

The SSL Certificate is provided with all Server packages, Developer Shared Hosting packages, and Developer eShops. It can also be availed as an upgrade with all other Shared Hosting plans for only $ 49 per year.

Working on Internet Explorer with a default configuration will always give an error.

Firstly, when you are opening a secure page, Internet Explorer asks you, if you anyways want to continue, by mentioning that everything is not secure.

Selecting No will only display the secure information.

Mozilla Firefox enables you to view the page info, which displays a list of all images and other files that are downloaded to show that page in the browser. This list includes the complete link, so you can view anything that may also include that information, which is not secure.

An A record is part of the zone file that is chiefly used for setting up Mail Exchangers. A records have an ability to focus the entire web traffic towards a specified IP address.
"Canonical name" or CNAME record maps an address to its canonical name. Whenever a name server looks up for a name and discovers a CNAME record, it changes the name and replaces it with the canonical name, thereby, looking up for a new name. These are used only when they are absolutely mandatory. For setting up CNAME records, a user needs to be very knowledgeable about DNS management.

One point where use of CNAME can prove beneficial is, when you require a subdomain for indicating a mail server outside your domain. For instance, if you want "mail.example.com" to reach your registrar's mail server, then in place of entering the IP address, you can put in "mail.example.com CNAME webmail.your_registrar.com", so that if the IP address of the mail server is changed, you don't have to make any updates.

MySQL is a relational database management system and available as a part of open source. MySQL is developed to process the data in the database with the help of SQL. Developers get the APIs of MySQL in the below mentioned languages: -



MySQL is generally used for web applications and for embedded applications. Besides, it has also become a popular alternative to proprietary database systems because of its speed and reliability.