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Mobile Web Designing

In 5 seconds, a Mobile Web Visitor Decides to Stay or Leave! Mobile Web Traffic is Task-Oriented & Buys More Often. A High-Performance Mobile Website is all you need to cash in!


The search giant GOOGLE has modified its search algorithm to rate websites on their "mobile-friendliness"
In the year 2015, mobile internet users outnumber desktop Internet Users


Today, there are more mobile devices on earth than people themselves. On an average, close to 50% of websites traffic comes from mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, cellular devices, etc. This staggering growth in the number of users who access Internet on digital mobile devices constitutes a big target market, and to tap it you need a Mobile-friendly Website, one that molds to the device the visitor is using and delivers optimal viewing experience and usability.

If you think a stunning, fully-loaded Desktop Website is good enough as a lead generation tool, there are reasons to rethink. For mobile web visitors, Slow Loading, Difficult-To-Read Text and Misfit images may disrupt user experience resulting in high bounce rate and eventually, your business lagging behind in the competition.

The solution is to go "Mobile". Your Mobile Website responds to the device on which it is viewed and changes its design accordingly. Here are a few hard facts vis-a-vis Mobile Internet Users and Mobile Ecommerce Ecosystem that clearly assert the importance of Mobile Optimized Website in 2015.

Why Do You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Skyrocketing Mobile Internet Users

Today, approximately 750 million users access Internet on mobile devices. If you draw a comparison starting from year 2010 to 2015, the number of Mobile Internet Users globally, has seen steep rise by a whopping 60 times. This means a significant share of your target audience is viewing websites using Smarthphones, tablets and other mobile devices. If you do not have a Responsive Website the visitors landing on your website tend to leave it in first few seconds due to factors such as slow loading, unreadable text, need to frequently zoom in and zoom out, etc. The bottom line is you miss the opportunity for conversions.


    Consumers Spending More Time On Mobile Research

    One of Google's 5 key findings in a report "Mobile Path to Purchase" reveals that your prospective customers are spending more time in researching products and services on their mobile devices now than earlier. Also there is a huge rise in the average number of times a mobile website is visited daily.


    Mobile Visitors are Task-Oriented

    Mobile visitors come to a website with specific purpose. They may be looking for product or service or they may wish to compare features or price or in pursuit of your contact details. If you can present a well-tailored mobile website that easily and quickly enable the visitor to perform the intended task, it proves beneficial in developing favorable business relationship.


    It's Easier to Convert Mobile Users

    Studies conducted worldwide establish that internet users surfing on mobile devices buy more often because of on-the-go research of products and prices, ease-of-mobile interactions and multiple comparison channels on fingers. Also, a mobile visitor is influenced to make purchase across all channels. It means if you have a mobile website that hits the visitors' needs, they may buy directly on mobile phone or even in-store or online using desktops. Thus, with more channels you increase your chances of converting Mobile Users.

What Are Your Options To Get
Mobile-Friendly Website?

You have three options to get a Mobile-Friendly Website. You may get Separate Mobile Websites for different digital screens such as tablet, smartphones, etc. The other two alternatives are Responsive Websites and Dynamic Serving, also termed as Separate Style Sheets. Here's is brief insight into these options along with their merits and limitations.

Responsive Website Design

Google regards Responsive Websites as the best for SEO. Responsive Websites mold according to the device on which they are viewed. With this option, you are required to maintain only one website, which provides an optimal browsing experience across a wide range of digital media platforms including desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc. With minimum resizing, panning and scrolling, the user can read and navigate through the pages. Fluid Grids and Flexible Media including image, video and audio files grow and shrink as per the screen size and resolution.

Separate Mobile Websites

This option allows you to get a mobile version of your desktop website. You maintain separate URLs for your desktop website and Mobile Website, which may be a touch expensive. For example, you Mobile Website will be found at m.mywebsite.com while desktop website will be at mywebsite.com.

Dynamic Serving

In this type of Mobile Website, you maintain one URL but serve different HTML and CSS (Style Sheets) depending upon the device on which the website is being accessed. This technology delivers a rich user-experience to both desktop and mobile visitors and also heads off the potential search engine indexation issues.

Our Mobile
Website Designing & Development Practices


    Keep it Simple!

    Mobile users love the sites that are simple to understand and use. So we prioritize simplicity while designing and developing Mobile Websites. We keep navigation simple and intuitive so that site can be easily browsed on-the-go. Our designing practices involve minimizing scrolling, creating clear hierarchy in menus, providing clear back and home buttons, prominent display of search box among many others.


    Minimize Loading Time!

    Mobile users want "it" quick! They don't wait and watch your mobile website loading for 10 seconds. So, we develop mobile websites that can load in a flash, are easy to scan and allow quick navigation from one page to another.


    Be Thumb-Friendly!

    Thumb-friendliness of Mobile Websites is perhaps an underrated aspect but not for us. We use large, centered buttons with sufficient breathing room to head off accidental clicks. Padding of smaller buttons to increase clickable area is another practice that we stick to. All this contributes to a better user-experience.


    Track With Mobile Analytics!

    Integration of Mobile Analytics tools is one of the key components in our Mobile Designing & Development Strategy. Mobile Analytics furnishes important details about the website visitors and their activity on the web pages, which allows you to customize your website and even the services for better user experience.


    Build User-Centric Websites!

    Who will be the users? What will they want from your Mobile Website? How do they tend to use the site? How will the website provide what they want? In the first phase, we seek answers to these pertinent questions. If it requires taking input from your target audience, we do that as well. The designing and development follows with emphasis on all these aspects.


    Make it work On all Operating Systems

    Online shoppers make purchase using their smartphones that come with a range of Operating Systems. We build Mobile Websites that are fully optimized for access on a host of platforms such as iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows. This strengthens your mobile web presence


    Provide Click-to-Call!

    We provide a Click-to-Call button on our mobile websites so that any visitor who has a query gets the option to make an immediate call. By allowing such easy, fast and direct communication, you will be promoting the chances of translating a qualified lead into your customer.


    Add Mobile Maps!

    Our Mobile Websites feature Mobile Maps which helps the interested visitors in finding your location with step-by-step directions; further this reflects your concern towards your potential clients, a good way of relationship building.


    Integrate with Social Media!

    Social media integration will be a smart idea to promote your Mobile Website. For example, moves such as including Share button to link your site to Facebook, or publishing your Twitter feed on your mobile website can help you engage your visitors and make them spend more time on your site. Our Mobile Websites are developed with emphasis on this strategy.

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