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Mobile Web Designing

Mobile internet has taken the world and particularly India by storm. You will be startled to know that there are over 2.5 billion internet users, globally, and over sixty percent of them use mobile devices either as a primary or a supplementary means to access internet. The scenario thus opens a big opportunity for mobile internet businesses. If you want to reach your target market anytime, anywhere, there is no better option than to mobilize your existing website or to get an entirely fresh mobile website designed. In either of the case, Weblinkindia.net is one name that you can bank on for the most advanced and innovative Mobile Web Designing Services in India.Contact us, convey your exact requirements and get an attractive, responsive Mobile Website that will be accessible with equal ease on all the mobile devices, available in the market. We create Mobile Websites that load in flash, are simple and easy to navigate, provide rich web browsing experience, and are packed with advanced features such as click-to-call, mobile maps, mobile analytics, social media integration and many more.

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Why You Need A Mobile Website?

You need a Mobile Website simply because mobile internet has come to the mainstream. Statistics show that by the year 2015, mobile web surfing will overtake desktop web surfing. In such a scenario a mobile friendly website will enable you remain competitive and to reach your target market quickly, easily and in an economical manner.

  1. Visitors expect a mobile site - that works

    How long your mobile website takes to load really affects the visitors. Every 3 of 4 visitors won't wait for more than 5 seconds for a webpage to load and will bounce to other websites. And close to 50% of the visitors won't come back to the website if didn't work properly on their previous visit.

  2. Your User affected if your site is not functional on a mobile device properly

    If your mobile website is not optimized for viewing on a mobile device, there may be a negative impact on its visibility in inorganic searches. Therefore, the speed, content, images and video must be optimized for best results and user experience.

  3. Mobile visitors are task-focused

    When visitors land on a mobile website they do so for specific tasks. For example, the purpose of visit may be to get an important piece of information or to get something from the website instantaneously. It is therefore important get the mobile website designed to serve specific purposes and provide rick experience to the task-focused visitors.

  4. It's another chance to differentiate yourself

    The development of Mobile Websites is still in the budding stages; it will evolve and get better and better with changing times and technologies. You can be a step ahead of your rivals and differentiate yourself, at present, by getting a mobile website that is fast, simple, action oriented, entertaining, up-to-date, and easily accessible.

What Types of Mobile Websites are There?

Mobile Websites can broadly be classified into two categories, namely Separate Mobile Websites and Responsive Mobile Websites. Both the websites have their distinct merits and demerits. You can choose one of them depending on which one serves your purpose the best.

  1. Separate Mobile Website

    The pages of a Separate Mobile Website are managed separately from your regular website and when accessed on a mobile device the URL changes to syntax like mobile.site.com. The drawback of such a website is that you are required to maintain and update two different websites, the regular one and the Mobile website. Search engines also need to scan two websites to find your content.

  2. Responsive Design

    Responsive Mobile Websites are designed using one style sheet and are capable of adjusting to the width of the browser. They can adapt to any device on which they are accessed. The advantage of Responsive Web Design is that you need to maintain a single website, no need to deal with mobile-specific URLs, and your website can be viewed easily and properly on multitude of devices such as phones, tablets, desktops, etc.

Mobile Websites Design Sample

Weblinkindia.Net is hailed for designing and developing fast, simple, up-to-date, entertaining, engaging, action oriented and SEO friendly Mobile Websites. Here's a sample that presents the illustrious work we have done in the past. You can expect only better designs from us.

  • Katemartis


    Industry : Business Services
    Country : Estonia

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  • Lake George

    Lake George

    Industry : Travel
    Country : United States

    View Details

  • Downey Animal Hospital

    Downey Animal Hospital

    Industry : Health & Beauty
    Country : Canada

    View Details

  • Game2win


    Industry : E-commerce Sites
    Country : India

    View Details

  • Home Visiting Opticians

    Home Visiting Opticians

    Industry : Medical And Pharmaceuticals
    Country : United Kingdom

    View Details

  • Uncleastro.com


    Industry : E-commerce Sites
    Country : India

    View Details

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Web Design & Development Testimonials -
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" Good to obtain the strengths, necessary to compete in today's technological world, with the efficacious solution which are always needed. At each step, WeblinkIndia.Net delivered us more that what was expected and today its expertise has added value in the maintenance of information flow on website. "

Sam Parvisian

" WeblinkIndia is true the webmaster, having the power to materialize a concept, right from visualization to effective implementation. Each and every tool, equipped in website, is supported by concerted knowledge and righteous utilization. "

Gautam Ratnabhas

Mobile Website Strategy - What Should My Mobile Site Include?

  1. Simplicity

    Mobile users love the sites that are simple to understand and use. So simplicity should be your priority. Keep navigation simple and intuitive so that site can be easily browsed on-the-go.

  2. Minimal Loading Time

    World is changing at a fast pace; no one has the time to wait and watch your mobile website loading for 10 seconds. So design mobile websites that can load in a flash and allow quick navigation from one page to another.

  3. Web Analytics

    Web Analytics furnishes important details about the website visitors and their activity on the web pages. Including Web Analytic Tools will help you customize your website and even the services for better user experience.

  4. Keep Your Website User Centric

    Who will be the users? What will they want from your Mobile Website? How do they tend to use the site? Are you providing what they want? These are pertinent questions and your site must be designed with an emphasis on all these points.

  5. Works on all SMARTPHONES

    Smartphone users belong to wealthier sections of the society. Numbers show that close to 75% of online shoppers make purchase using their smartphones. Based on the finding, it will be a smart idea to design a Mobile Website that is well optimized for access on the multitude of smartphone platforms such as iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, and Windows, available in the market. Doing so, you are not only ensuring that you reach the target market but also strengthening the probability of transactions to be carried out on your mobile site.

  6. Click-to-Call

    You must provide a Click-to-Call button on your mobile website so that any visitor who has a query gets the option to make an immediate call. By allowing such easy, fast and direct communication, you will be promoting the chances of translating a qualified lead into your customer.

  7. Mobile Maps

    Mobile Maps are another add on you should not miss on your mobile website. It will help the interested visitors in finding your location with step-by-step directions; further this will reflect your concern towards your potential clients.

  8. Easy access to your contact information and ONE-CLICK CONVERSION

    In a mobile website, the user should be presented with an easy path to your contact information. Certainly, you will not want a qualified lead to bounce off to other website because of unease in sending enquiry. So, you must provide self descriptive, easily visible, contact information links that facilitate one click conversion.

  9. Mobile Analytics

    Tracking and monitoring you mobile website visitors can help you get a valuable insight on how to improve your site, customize it and provide a more enjoyable user experience. So it will be a great idea to have built-in mobile analytics in your website.

  10. Social Media

    Today, microblogging sites and social media networks are more populated than ever. Consequently, social media integration will be a smart idea to promote your mobile website. For example, moves such as including Share button to link your site to Facebook, or publishing your Twitter feed on your mobile website can help you engage your visitors and make them spend more time on your site.

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