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With thousands of students, hundreds of teachers, and tens of administrative staff present in a campus, managing the data of every single individual becomes difficult. With wi!School, you get a power-packed ERP system that automates the management of all school-related operations, activities, and data like fees, classes, events, attendance, assignments marks, library, transport, etc. Whether it is your administrative tasks, information sharing with the staff and student body, finance management, or any other task, our ERP software or school management system can handle it all.

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Why You Need An ERP System For School?

Having a powerful ERP and school management system that assists in the building of future-ready schools, universities, and institutes is imperative to stand out among other educational institutes. Here are some reasons why you need an ERP system for your school management:

  • Keep students, parents, and teachers in a loop for information sharing
  • Offer e-learning platform to teachers for efficient teaching methodology
  • Minimize administrative task by automating everything for your school
  • Get an impressive website to present your school and its vision online
  • Generate and upload results online to be viewed by respective students
  • Store, segment, and analyze student or teacher data for quick access
  • Track the students on real-time while they are traveling on school transport

wi!School: One System, Multiple School Operations Points will be same as design


Seamless management of classroom sessions and student reports




Exam & Report Cards


Progressive and exceptional LMS to help teachers and students alike

Assignments, Classwork & Homework Management

Students, Parents & Teachers Portal

Quiz & Question Banks


Ease communication of parents, teachers, and students via all devices

Take your classroom with you wherever you go.

Fixed Templates Alerts and Notifications.

Messaging Platform for Institute to Communicate.


Advanced suite of applications to manage all types of school finances



Accounting and Finance

Fee and Payroll

All in one place

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wi!School –Loaded With Features

v A Multilingual

Homework Entry

Timetable Entry

Fee Management

Transport Detail Entry

Manage Staff

Library Management

Exam Data Record

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Why Choose wi!School?

Mobile-Friendly System

The ERP system that we offer is mobile-friendly and one can easily view, browse, and operate it on their mobile phones

Connect With All

Connecting parents, teachers, administrators, and students for important information sharing made easier

Data Security

All the data like student information, fee, academic papers, assessment results, etc., is fully encrypted and secure


Using our wi!School ERP software is very easy and anyone can access information or details through a few clicks

Go Paperless

Using this wi!School software allows you to publish information, share results, and give away assessments without wasting paper

Simplified Management

Managing all types of academic, administrative, financial, or any other data is automated and simplified with this software system

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Complimentary With wi!School

Services You Get At ZERO Cost

Complete Technical Support

With wi!School, you get complete technical support by our experts to ensure your school ERP system manages everything seamlessly.

Lifetime License

Get complete ownership, documentation, and other licenses of your school ERP system to manage your e-system hassle-free.

Free Email Notification

Parents, guardians, and students are regularly notified about the school’s activities to keep them connected with school’s staff
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