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Security Platform

Security is an inescapable part of your ecommerce website to gain the trust of your buyers. Get your ecommerce site 100% secured with wi!kart. Ours is not an open source platform and has 3 level security layering. We are SSL certified and PCI compliant to guarantee total security of your online shop. We also offer encrypted codes that safeguard your website from any type of cyber hacking.

Quick Management

Managing all the information on your ecommerce site is a must for any online shop-owner. With wi!kart, you can easily manage your products, members, orders, entries and a number of other things that would help you in analyzing your ecommerce site’s performance. Get control over all the information stored on your site to manage all your inventory and product details efficiently.

Instant Tracking

With the ecommerce marketplace offered at wi!kart, you can instantly track all the details related to your ecommerce site. Now you can keep a track of all your orders, shipped products, and delivered products in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can also view the carts that have been abandoned by the user and use this data for personalized marketing to increase sales.


SEO aka search engine optimization is indispensable for an ecommerce website to gain a higher ranking on various search engines. By getting in touch with wi!kart, you can be assured that all your pages would be optimized for higher visibility. You can get a perfectly structured ecommerce page, automatically generate .XML sitemaps, effectively created title tag for images, metadata and much more to improve your SERP ranking.

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Admin Dashboard

Quickly analyze the performance of your ecommerce site to know about the overall sales, shipments, orders and much more

Have complete control of the website by knowing all the details about the withdrawal requests, recent orders, abandoned carts and much more

Gather the essential business information by viewing various sections dedicated to shops and products

wi!kart offers complete data information and statistical knowledge of sales, orders, products, reviews, and earnings

Import and export of bulk data to and from the system has become easier for the admin

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wi!kart Feature List

What Makes wi!kart The Best Ecommerce Systeme

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface is a must for any ecommerce website. Get a simple yet intuitive interface for your ecommerce site with wi!kart.
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and intuitive navigation
  • Customize everything from the look promotional emails
  • Send personalized email with dynamic text replacement
  • HTML Newsletters can be sent directly from store

System Security

Building trust is important for any online shop and having a secure website plays a crucial role in it. With wi!kart, you get 100% system security guaranteed.
  • Get partly encrypted codes to secure your system from any type of cyber attack
  • Use the encrypted files containing Database and PHP manipulation functions to get more secure.
  • Get access to encrypted codes and customize them as per the requirements

Dynamic Website

Manage the pagination, scrolling content, categories and much more by getting your dynamic website from wi!kart.
  • Manage your product categories, sub categories and their page structure with ease
  • Ease in up selling and cross selling of similar products through a dynamic system
  • Allow dynamic product search

Automated Order Handling

All your orders and related functions like sorting, shipping cost calculation, sorting etc., can be automatically handled on wi!kart.
  • Automated splitting, sorting, and consolidation of products as soon as the order is received
  • The orders received are automatically sorted for various suppliers which are later consolidated for that supplier
  • A supplier specific sub-layer is created to handle the consolidated orders
  • Get the real-time shipping cost calculated instantly

SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization is a must for any ecommerce site to gain visibility and increase sales.
  • Optimized title tags, images, meta descriptions, content, URLs and heading tags
  • An organized and structured website for smooth web crawling
  • Keyword research and addition
  • Automated creation of .XML sitemaps

Engaging Referral Programs

Referral programs are a great way to increase your reach and in turn your overall product sales.
  • Offer reward points for successful referrals
  • Create unique referrals by sharing referral URLs on various social media platforms
  • The points earned can be redeemed in future transactions
  • As the admin, you can set the value of reward points and their validity period

Performance Analysis

Analyze and measure the website performance to improve future sales. You can also study the inventory and product data.
  • Keep a check on the all the sales data ad selling pattern
  • Get your hands on the sales trends and manage your inventory and its demand accordingly
  • Track the abandoned carts to know the reason
  • View all types of analytics reports like social media analytics, conversion statistics, top referrals, top searched products and much more
  • Customize and personalize marketing efforts by studying all the sales and search data

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