Wi!CRM: To Manage Your Client Data & Interactions

CRM Solution That Helps You Build Better Relationships With Customers

CRM software enables the businesses to manage and strengthen their relationship with the targeted customers by automating and streamlining their data and interactions. Ensuring that the customers are satisfied with your products or services is the core aim of any organization and customized CRM software promises that. With Wi CRM, you do not just strengthen your customer relations but also get your data organized for more effective marketing strategies. Our CRM solutions can help you grow your business while increasing and strengthening your client base.

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Why You Need A CRM Software?

  • Centralize Customer Data

    The customer behavior, purchase history, calls sent, etc., can be organized and recorded at a single place
  • Track Customer Interactions

    The interactions made by the customers in the form of product usage, behavior, usage pattern, etc., can be tracked
  • Automate Business

    Business is more or less about the customers and by automating customer interactions, it automates business
  • Boost Conversion Rate

    The leads generated through various strategies can be converted into paying customers through efficient CRM software
  • Increased Data Security

    Your data is completely secured when it is stored in a CRM software and can be retrieved anytime
  • Simple & Speedy Communication

    Communication with customers through emails, messages, etc., even in bulk is made quicker and simpler

Wi!CRM: One Software, Multiple Advantages

  • It promotes cross selling by offering solutions to the next problems as well

  • It might seem expensive initially but the cost is outweighed by its benefits

  • It helps in decreasing the attrition of the employs from 40% to just 5%

  • It reduces the time required for the completion of a sales cycle

  • It improves the collaboration in teams and different departments

  • It helps in solving client problems quickly, thus keeping them satisfied

  • It lessens the work load of the employees, thus improving their retention

  • It automates ancillary chores like filling forms, sending reports, etc

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Complimentary With wi!CRM

Services You Get At ZERO Cost

Complete Technical Support

With Wi CRM, you get complete technical support by our experts to ensure your Customer Relationship Management tool system manages everything seamlessly.

Lifetime License

Get complete ownership, documentation, and other licenses of your company’s CRM system to manage your client relations and customer data hassle-free.

Management Control

It provides complete control for management and encourages collaboration among the employees by offering complete data access at one place.

Why Choose Wi! CRM?

  • Experts

    Backed By CRM Software Professionals

  • Projects

    Delivered Over 15000 Projects

  • Experience

    Experience Of Over 22+ Years

Our customer relationship management software allows your organization to streamline your client communication and saves the data of their behavior and interaction. With our CRM software, you grow and succeed in your business endeavors by strengthening your client relations and expanding your customer base.

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