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Top SEO Predictions for 2014

26 February, 2014 10:00 AM

Though naysayers have been predicting the death of SEO for some time now, it keeps proving them wrong and this year is no different. Rather than die a slow death as predicted, SEO is constantly evolving. This article aims to highlight the top SEO predictions for 2014 which are outlined below.

Prediction 1 – Google Is Going To Carry Out An Aggressive Campaign Against Spammers
As seen in the past year, Google introduced many SEO algorithms, most of which were aimed at curbing the progress of spammers. Market experts predict that Google is going to put heavy penalty on websites that are operating against the SEO guidelines. Some of the practices that these guidelines warn against include stuffing your content with keywords, backlinking without proper analysis, etc.

Prediction 2 – Responsive Designs Are The ‘In’ Thing
With more and more people using devices like laptops, iPhones, mobiles, etc. to access the Internet. In such a case, web designers will focus on developing mobile responsive designs to ensure a good browsing experience to users. Optimizing in this case does not only refer to developing a web design that is compatible with multiple devices, but also to content that is simple and easy to understand.

Prediction 3 – As Always ‘Quality Content’ Will Rule
More than ever before, the focus this year will be on quality content. Rather than worrying about keywords or backlinks, etc., brands and companies should concentrate their efforts on providing value to the customers; value here refers to useful information. Without good content, there is no chance of winning.

Prediction 4 - Long Tail Keywords Will Make A Comeback
Long tail keywords refer to 3-6 word phrases entered on search engines to find specific content. With Google stressing on targeted search results in the upcoming year, the long tail keywords will become more relevant than ever. Brands & companies need to brush up on their optimization efforts in order to attract more traffic.

Prediction 5 – Social Media Will Become Even More Important
Brands which don’t utilize social networking sites will lose out eventually. By using tools like Google+ it is possible for brands to establish their credibility in the online world. The concept of ‘Author Rank’ in Google+ is a great way to ensure that a brand gets noticed as a expert in its domain.

These are a handful of predictions for SEO in the year 2014. In order to ensure that your brand gets noticed and attracts maximum interest, it would be good to take these points into consideration while formulating a SEO strategy for the upcoming year. Or even better, you can hire a Reliable SEO Company In India which has expert knowledge in its domain & can offer you their expert services for formulating a successful SEO strategy.

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