Thinking, Initiation and Implementation Observing a real time boost in the demand of cars worldwide, Sai Mag Wheels anticipated of making 100% out of this about-to-be-changed business scenario in the Automobile sector. It embarked upon the import business of alloy wheels. Soon with the increased demand in automobile sector, domestic orders for alloy wheels had risen. Consequently, Sai Mag Wheels has started importing 4-5 containers per month instead of 1 container per month. But the real challenge has yet to come in the form of selling through any effective medium. Sai Mag Wheels decided to adopt a medium which effect manifold business growth with the least time consumption and where a customer would have utmost ease of watching, observing, identifying and buying the right kind of product at the rightmost price. With this mission & vision, it came to WeblinkIndia so that a website with full-fledged E-commerce features can prove as an effective medium to serve the purpose of various associates. Plan of Action to Meet Expectations We envisioned a strategy to cover up all the necessary aspects of an ecommerce website. Sai Mags website is designed with an interactive query cart where a customer can add as many as products he want to enquire about. Additionally, customers can send inquiries against the chosen products at a singly click. Features and Results Since, a technically sound admin panel is designed for Sai Mag Wheels, now it has the sole decision of product management. With this feature, Sai Mag can add, edit and even delete the products by itself.

Client Speak

"WeblinkIndia is true the webmaster, having the power to materialize a concept, right from visualization to effective implementation. Each and every tool, equipped in website, is supported by concerted knowledge and righteous utilization. "

— Gautam Ratnabhas of Sai Mag Wheels