Development of Elixir

After gaining cognition about company's currently hosted website where products are depicted with outdated descriptions/specification thereto no changes could be made on timely basis, we embarked on designing a website where even the smallest changes can be made and tracked easily. Following the best practices for Dynamic Website Development, we designed a user-friendly control panel which facilitates even the most frequent modification in information. We made Pro-Tech Security Solutions Ltd. well aware with the functioning of control panel and finally entrusted the panel for self-management. Now, Pro-Tech has the power to manage its dynamic website altogether because features like Adding Products, Deleting Products, Making Desired Changes in Products etc. have positively served the purpose of both i.e. the company and the user.

Achievements Brought

The tools & features equipped in dynamic website brought fruitful results by enhancing the rate of refined results for updated products. Technology imparted through control panel enabled Pro-Tech to bring in oceanic changes in presentation, look & feel, relevance in the search results.

Essence of our work

Creation of dynamic web pages, user friendly control panel, consultation on better management of various aspects of products, SEO web promotion, content management, complete maintenance of the website.

Highlights of the Projects
  • Dynamic Product Section
  • Development of Dynamic Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization of the project
  • Maintenance of complete website

Client Speak

"Good to obtain the strengths, necessary to compete in today's technological world, with the efficacious solution which are always needed. At each step, WeblinkIndia.Net delivered us more that what was expected and today its expertise has added value in the maintenance of information flow on website. Pro-Tech Security Solutions Ltd. heartily says thanks to this master of virtual world. "

— Sam Parvisian of Pro-Tech Security Solutions Ltd