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Wonders of PHP

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2010-12-23

Wonders of PHP

In the current times of cutting edge technology, a concept that has taken the web developing world by storm is Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP. PHP assists in creating dynamic and interactive web pages. Today, PHP programmers and developers are in high demand for software development all over the world and extensively recruited from offshore countries, PHP developers and programmers are hired the most.

Assistance of PHP in Web Programming

  • PHP is the perfect choice in implementing an assorted range of programming functions like Array, Error handling, String, Date, Filter, MySQL, SimpleXML functions, FTP, Directory, Filesystem, HTTP, Math functions, Misc functions, XML Parser, LibXML, Mail functions and Zip functions.
  • PHP assists multiple databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS Access and SQL Server.
  • Popular CMS such as WordPress, JOOMLA/Virtuemart, Drupal are developed in PHP
  • Therefore the wonders of PHP aid more than 700 functions and effectively lessen the intricacies in programming.

Wonders of PHP

  • Cost-effective- PHP is a cost-effective web developing tool. Since PHP is an open source system, web developing by means of PHP does not incur much expense.
  • Scope for Customization- PHP websites are open to customization and can be manipulated by the programmers to suit their purpose.
  • Faster- Clients desire their dynamic websites to be developed in Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) due to the speed. A large number of websites are also developed in ASP but later they are switched over to PHP, for it is faster and quicker than ASP.
  • Preferred over others- PHP is preferred over Java and .NET oriented websites in spite of better security and resolution, as most of the websites that are live today are not much concerned with security.

The World Wide Web is full of several in-built PHP scripts and applications that are available in todays time. The internet abounds with manuals and tutorials that give an insight into the workings of PHP and helps you to learn it quickly. Without any doubt, PHP programmers can envision a golden future with a lot of scope while engaging in web development activities.

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