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Why Choose PHP Web Development?

Web Development | Admin | Last Updated: 2011-01-06

Why Choose PHP Web Development?

PHP is undoubtedly one of the most popular web development technologies that is giving tough competition to even Java and Net. Extremely simple and having all the advanced features, PHP is a programming language that is gaining wide popularity. As PHP is not search engine friendly, so a user can face problems while surfing on the basis of SEO. If you are not convinced as to why choose PHP for developing your website, then read the write up ahead and know the benefits of choosing PHP.

Why PHP? ?

Compatible With Number of Databases: As it is a full fledged programming language, even complex applications can be written in it. It is different as compared to HTML, where presentation is given the primary importance. PHP is compatible with MySQL, which is a source language and it can also work with enterprise databases like IBM DB2, Oracle OCI8, MSSQL, etc.

Cuts Down Your Server Bills Though PHP can run on your windows based server, it is basically designed for platforms like Linux and Apache that have zero upfront costs and no ongoing costs. As compared to Windows servers, you can save your maintenance bills.

Free of Cost You don't have to pay to anyone. Just download PHP absolutely free and even distribute it freely.

Hassle Free Not too many codes are required for building applications with PHP. Besides, this application is safe and secure to use.

Apart from these features, PHP also offers more advantages to the users like:

  • Liberty of choosing language
  • Comparatively lower cost and fast turnaround time
  • Can be embedded in HTML as well
  • Free from restrictive authorizations
  • Easy to learn
  • Constantly updated
  • Offers a ready made framework

The major benefits of PHP are listed above. We hope that this write up helps you in drawing a clearer picture of what PHP is all about and benefits that it offers.

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