Website Copyright Method

In order to get a brief idea of website copyright, let’s take a look at the following:


Content Copyright © All Right Reserved |


This is a copyright notice at the bottom of each web page of the website: (


This means, all material on the site (text, images, TITLE tag content, programming, design etc. is copyright to Weblink India.Net and its owner (owners) and is not supposed to be reproduced anywhere else without explicit written permission.


In most websites, the date in terms of year is mentioned. But it is not mandatory. In any case, the dates you would come upon in a copyright statement is no indication of expiry of the website and it becoming a public domain. The date signifies the date of creating and launching the website.


Content in the Internet is available in the public domain, but this does Not mean that, Internet is public domain. One can access a website, copy materials and sometimes download content, images, music and videos. But, in no way one should reproduce content in another website (websites) for public use. It is unlawful to be incorporated in printed texts too. Any such instance comes under the malpractice called plagiarism and is liable for legal consequences. There are relaxations in some websites where authors ask for mention of references if in anyway they need to be reproduced elsewhere. The person who uses the content from the original site should keep that in mind.

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