Top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers You Must Follow In 2017

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Apr 24, 2017



Anurag Gupta

7 Must To Know E-Commerce Trends For Online Shops In 2017

“A buyer has added the same bag to his cart on two e-commerce websites. He is waiting for some additional discount on the INR 3,500 bag to hit the buy now button. And ding! A notification pops up on the screen about a discount offer on the bag from one of the sites. He instantly buys the item from the site that just offered an extra discount and left the semi-loaded cart page of the other e-commerce site as it is.”   The game was played with Big Data, the key factor which is influencing more than 59% of the online buyers while choosing between two sites for the same product. One of the e-commerce sites was smarter to make use of the Big Data to take a look into the customer’s buying journey and understand their behavior to seal the deal; the other one waited for the buyer to...

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Apr 13, 2017



Anurag Gupta

5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2017

Beginning of the year has warmed up the discussions amongst digital marketers about marketing trends which are expected to rule in 2017 and Content Marketing has stolen the greatest share of attention in such discussions. Counted as one of the most effective marketing available today, content marketing has carved big success stories in 2016 hence marketers have significantly raised their content marketing budget and with such great money on investment everyone is keen to decode the Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2017. Let’s have a sneak peek:   1. Revival Of Email and e-Newsletters 2017 is expected to be the age of email renaissance according to content marketing giants. In the past five years, email marketing was considered to see an end by the year 2017. However, seems like it’s not the end yet, email marketing is reviving and that too with a much stronger presence. The number of...

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Apr 6, 2017



Anurag Gupta

7 Effective Design Trends For Your E-commerce Website In 2017

E-commerce design trends keep changing in sync with the changes in shopping pattern of the customers. Usually giant players like Amazon lead the changes and influence the trends by introducing new concepts. To survive in stiff competition of Ecommerce industry it’s inescapable for e-commerce website designers’ community to find out what’s new in the market and perfectly responsive to the shoppers’ growing needs and that is why trends of e-commerce design remains one of the hottest topics of discussion.   So, while talking about the e-commerce design trends of 2017, again discussions are revolving around the key factors that attract more audience and the ones drive them off. To take a glimpse at the trends of this year, let’s take a snapshot of 7 major E-commerce design trends for 2017.   Mobile-First Approach Google Penguin understood that more people are using their handy mobile devices for online transactions when it...

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Mar 17, 2017



Anurag Gupta

Everything You Needed To Know About Keyword Selection

  “Just Google it” is a common phrase now and people are actually using this search engine to resolve any and every query. With more than 100 billion monthly searches made on Google, our dependency on Google only strengthens.   The words that you use while making any search may seem very trivial to a layman, but for an SEO expert, these are one of the driving forces that bring higher ranking and more conversions on the page. These words or phrases are called keywords in digital/content marketing terms. And these keywords are very important for your search engine optimization. That said; here are few tips that would help you make proper use of the keywords.   RESEARCHING THE RIGHT KEYWORDS Researching for the right keywords is one of the first things that should be done even before you start planning the entire content. And mind it, this SEO keyword...

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Top 5 Web Development Trends That Are Expected To Rule In 2018

Feb 19, 2018



Anurag Gupta

Top 5 Web Development Trends That Are Expected To Rule In 2018

The year gone by was very volatile in terms of web development as lots of new trends were rolled out which have added personalization to the website visitors. Whether it was instant support by chatbots, inclination towards angular JavaScript, death of pagination or use of AI for website development, 2017 saw the birth of many web technologies for developing user-centered websites. However, the year 2018 is expected to witness these trends and technologies gaining worldwide popularity, and become a revolutionary year in terms of web development.   Many trends, easing the process of website development for developers while concomitantly providing...

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Main social networks - Brands

Feb 13, 2018



Anurag Gupta

7 Social Media Content Marketing Trends For 2018

An eye-opening Statistia report revealed that there would be more than 2.80 billion social media users by the end of 2018, accounting for more than one third (37%) of the total population. The vitality of social media has magnetized the users and marketers alike. Users now strongly rely on social media to make their purchasing decisions hence its indispensable for marketers to keep up with user’s expectations and find new ways to engage and connect with them all along. Marketers sweat and slave to penetrate into the social life of their buyers so that they can constantly create and deliver...

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