Tips To Reduce Friction On Your E-commerce Website

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Aug 10, 2016



Anurag Gupta

4 Tips To Create The Simple Web Design

In order to prettify something, you can’t throw all the adornments at it once or else it will end up looking loud and gaudy. Same is the case with your website. The more elaborate and multi-faceted design you choose, the more it weakens the marketing and branding efforts thereby reducing the conversion rates. Simplicity works for the website; focus on the basic stuff and it will keep it running hard, sharp and true to the aspirations of your customers.   In order to enrich the web design with the simple sophistication, the Web Designers can refer to the below the mentioned tips:   1. Keep A Clutter-Free Interface The online readers and visitors possess a mind as innocent as a child. They need the bare essential functionalities that justify the brand and its wares & services. Nothing more! The rest of the clutter and complexities on the web page distracts...

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Jul 28, 2016



Anurag Gupta

Ways To Keep Your Android Data Safe And Secure

  Privacy and security are one of the most important aspects of every mobile phone. No doubts that Android phones have provided people a great access to the virtual world, but they have also resulted in bringing forth the opportunities for thieves and hackers. The cases of frauds or harms done to Android users by thieves or hackers also occupy a large space in newspapers.   Android app development offers robust privacy and security services, and as a user you can leverage these features to keep your Android data super-protected. The points mentioned below will tell you how.   Stop Saving Your Passwords Not many but still a good number of Android users save their passwords to online websites or services such as Facebook, banking sites or payment apps. Doing this might put you in peril. Suppose your phone-unlocking password leaks or someone makes a good guess about it, now...

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Jul 20, 2016



Anurag Gupta

Why Should You Possess A Design Book Collection?

We live in a tech-savvy era where the netizens doesn’t fritter away a single moment in uploading and sharing their best pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media handles. At the same time of digitalizing the content on the internet, don’t you miss the presence of the aesthetically-created Design Book Collection when you gaze at those unfilled bookshelves? I’ll list you down the top reasons why you should possess a design book collection:   1. It Showcases The Designer’s Unique Personality Can a video tour beat the experience of traversing on your own feet? No. Similarly, the internet can let you a glance of the designer’s work, however, the experience of viewing a design book collection in the flesh will help you witness the creativity and exquisiteness of the person behind the scenes. Each page of the design book collection presented in the exclusive fonts, typeset, and layout, and...

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Jul 12, 2016



Anurag Gupta

High Definition Design: The Upcoming Web Design Trend

Right from television to phones to computers, the number of high definition display users is daily increasing at a rapid pace. There is no denying that HD displays are more presented today than ever before. And, this prevalence of HD displays is no coincidence and to bring in liveliness, the design is getting coupled with all-new and innovative visual tactics. Brands such as Apple are flaunting its standard Retina display for multiple devices and this is what is acquiring fame constantly.   Although, it is hard to talk about or even track the definite numbers, it is anecdotally known that high definition is gradually becoming a core design deliberation. HD backgrounds are the hottest “talk of the town” in the world of web designing. The hot question of today is not that “if” the HD web design will dominate the web, but rather the question is “when” high-resolution screens become...

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Improve Website Ranking For E-Commerce

Nov 30, 2017



Palak Jain

How To Improve Website Ranking For E-Commerce

Conversion and sales in e-commerce hinges on two things- effective marketing and website ranking. Leaving the former aside for another time, today, in this write-up, we are going to discuss the latter, i.e., website ranking for e-commerce sites. Website ranking is indispensable for any online shop owner to get higher visibility. In fact, 34% of all the online shoppers go to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for product search. In order to target this shopper community, it is inescapable that the e-commerce business owners strategize their action plans to get higher ranking on various search engines. However, search...

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6 Most Effective Ways To Generate Free Traffic

Nov 20, 2017



Palak Jain

6 Most Effective Ways To Generate Free Traffic

Whether it is search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing or email marketing, the sole purpose of every marketing strategy is to generate high traffic and increase conversion. More often than not, generating traffic requires huge financial investment and can even create a big hole in your pocket. While established businesses have a big budget dedicated to traffic generation and can easily depend on the paid mediums, many entrepreneurs and small -sized businesses, running on a shoe-string budget, struggle to get enough funds to promote their business for high traffic generation. In this blog post, I have discussed some...

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