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Live Ambience is a real-time event rating app to guide ravers to the best parties on the night. It is a native application that works on iOS devices and is available for free on App Store.

This social app locates the nearest party venues by using the device's GPS system and also rates the crowd, the ambience, the music in real-time based on the reviews. The social app is a hit among youths.

App Features

This is how the social app works for party lovers

  • Pictures and videos are displayed in chronological order, so the users can view the event as it progresses
  • Users can sort the distances and the reviews (e.g. from the most liked to the least liked).
  • Users can either register or use their existing Google+, Facebook or Twitter account to access the app
  • Users can create an event and link the event to an existing or a newly created venue (if the venue is not yet available from the database)
  • When creating an event, the user can choose to make the event either public or private
  • All public events will be visible to all users, however all private events will have their addresses hidden
  • Users interested in private events can send an access request to the event creator. This will be either accepted or rejected by the event creator



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