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The Just Go Driver app is a quick and easy way for the Just Go drivers to perform various operations. The Just Go app allows you to view when your drivers pick up passengers from different pick-up points and drop them at the desired destination. With the Just Go Driver app installed on the phones, it becomes much easier to manage their business and all the registered Just Go operations. Various latest features are added to this app regularly to ensure that you are able to handle your business easily while making money through the app. You can keep a track of the payments, bank accounts, vehicles, reviews, trip summaries, etc., of the Just Go drivers through this single app.

The Just Go Driver app is powered with multiple functionalities that enable the drivers of Just Go to streamline their operations. With this app, the Just Go drivers can move around the city as per their schedule and make money by transporting the Just Go riders on their way. If you have drivers working under you, you can also view the real-time location of your cars and see where the driver is picking up/dropping off riders, number of riders taken per day etc., to keep a tab on the activity of each and every driver.

App Features

Below stated are some of the amazing features of this app:

  • Real-Time Location:- With the Just Go Driver app, you can easily check the real-time location of your cars or vehicles taken by the Just Go drivers.
  • Driver Activity Details:-The details of the drivers’ activities for the day can also be seen through the Just Go Driver app. Right from the moment the driver logs in for the day till he logs out, you can view the number of bookings, trip starting, trip endings, completed trips, cancelled trips etc.
  • Detailed Trip Summary:-You can also view the details of each and every trip summary through this single app. It can help you view the pick-up and drop location along with the date and the rating offered by the rider.
  • Daily Payment Statements:-Through the Just Go Driver mobile app, one can easily keep a track of the daily payments from the ‘Payment Statement’ page.
  • Bank Details:-The drivers can add their bank details on the ‘Bank Account’ page of the app to link their bank accounts with the Just Go Driver app for quick payments.



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