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A boon for the healthcare practitioners, ClinicalSim is an ingenious source to enrich the skills and knowledge in the healthcare industry. This app is an ideal platform for all the medical practitioners to gain more knowledge about the happenings and innovations in the healthcare industry of Saudi Arabia and other countries. You can find all the upcoming medical events so that you can participate in them for gaining insights from top practitioners. It acts as a search engine for the medical events, where you can easily search any event. You can search upcoming events across cities and countries. That’s not all, the app also makes it convenient for you to add new events and promote it in front of a large audience sharing the same interest to get maximum turn-ups at the event. You can also search all specialties and other products related to the medical field on this app in a simple and easy way.

By downloading this app on your smartphone, you get ease to view all the upcoming medical events in your desired city and even add new events to invite more healthcare practitioners from different cities.

App Features

Below stated are some of the amazing features of this app:

  • Easy Event Search :- The biggest feature of the ClinicalSim app is that it offers ease in searching medical and healthcare events near you. You can search the events based on the city where you are looking and find a list of all the upcoming medical events there.
  • Clear Categories:- The app features a very seamless navigation with clear categories for browsing through different options. One can easily view different categories like search events, add events, all specialties, and all products to select their desired one.
  • Ease Of Adding New Events:- Adding new medical or healthcare event to promote it among a pool of healthcare practitioners becomes easy with the ClinicalSim app. Now you do not have to fill in different forms to add your event on a reputed platform. Simply open the app, select the event category and add details of the event here.
  • Honest Testimonials:- The app features a testimonial section where one can easily read honest testimonials by the healthcare practitioners who have already attended events through this app or added their event here.
  • One-Touch Contact:- For any assistance while adding or searching any event, the app offers a one-touch contact feature. You can tap on the contact button for any assistance.



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