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Tips To Attract More Twitter Followers

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Tips To Attract More Twitter Followers

20 December, 2012 10:00 AM

Twitter is the latest addition among the list of popular social networking sites that has engaged the attention of net users in a big way by using Social Media Optimization. From celebrities, to average people, to businesses all have taken notice of this potent medium of brand promotion. But many businesses overdo the promotional part by spamming, which is a sure shot way to lose out on followers & get blacklisted as well. Before this, however the first step is getting people to follow you on Twitter.

Some Tips On How To Attract More Twitter Followers

  • One of the best ways to get more & more people to follow your tweets is by posting useful information, links, resources, etc. which will prove helpful to a lot of people. Interesting information tends to attract lot of people through re-tweets & they may end up following your website. You can give advice & suggestions on topics that are your areas of expertise.
  • Regular participation is essential to get more people to follow you on Twitter. For this, it is necessary that you interact with as many people as possible, respond to tweets, re-tweet, offer useful links & share information about topics, etc. The more you tweet, the more followers you get & so on.
  • A tweet is a great way to be creative as you have to put down your thoughts in 140 characters. Funny tweets, quips, one-liners are all a welcome way to get more followers on twitter.
  • Follow people who are in a similar business or you share some aspect of business; this way they will also return the favor. Also you can share your thoughts, latest updates & other relevant information with them.
  • It is not always about promoting your interests on Twitter; if you want more followers - post something which they want to hear about. It is not essential that it should always be original e.g. you find a great article that you would like to share; all you need to do is re-tweet & provide the link.

  • Twitter is a great tool that can be utilized for effective business promotion, all you need to do is follow the tips & see the change for yourself.

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